Journeyman's Ox Calf

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General Information

Journeyman's Ox are a tier 3 Farm Animal grown by using Journeyman's Ox Calf

  • Journeyman's Ox Calf may be purchased from a personal island Farming Merchant for 25,000 Silver or from the Market Place
  • Journeyman's Ox Calf may only be placed on a Pasture
  • A maximum of 9 Journeyman's Ox Calf may be placed on a pasture
  • To place Journeyman's Ox Calf on a Farm, open inventory, click on the baby animal, and select "Place"
  • The grow time is 44 hours which is halved by Premium
  • Farm animals must also be fed Crops in order to grow.
  • All Animals reward 100 base fame per 44 grow hours when harvested
  • Journeyman's Ox Calf base baby yield is 84%
  • The Premium Bonus will provide 100% growth rate and +20% Baby animal yield
  • To nurture daily, a player will use Focus
  • To cancel Journeyman's Ox Calf growing, click on the animal on the Farm and select Destroy

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