Major Resistance Potion

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General Information

The Major Resistance Potion is a Tier 7 consumable that increases Defenses and Crowd Control resistance

The Major Resistance Potion is stackable up to 999

The Major Resistance Potion may be purchased at the Market Place or crafted at an Alchemist's Lab

Number per craft: 5

Crafting Requirements

In order to craft the Major Resistance Potion, players will need Silver and the following materials:

Major Resistance Potion
Material Tier 7.0 Tier 7.1
Firetouched Mullein 72 72
Elusive Foxglove 36 36
Crenellated Burdock 36 36
Sheep's Milk 18 18
Corn Hooch 18 18
Grandmaster's Arcane Essence 3


Major Resistance Potion
Enchantment Tier 7.0 Tier 7.1
Item Power 980 1060
Weight 1.5 kg 1.5 kg
Defense +47.368% +50.000%
CC Resistance +90% +100%
Range 0m 0m
Potion Length 6s 6s
Cooldown 2m 00s 2m 00s

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