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General Information

All cities in Albion Online have a Marketplace

Players may buy or sell items via the All cities in Albion Online have a Marketplace

The Marketplace is local to that specific city and is not global-wide

Prices on the Marketplace are set only by the players

The Marketplace is designated on the map by a yellow gavel

The Marketplace contains four different tabs. You will find more information on these four tabs below:

  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Create Buy Order
  • My Orders

Market Place - Buy Tab

Market Place - Sell Tab

This tab is used by a player when they have an item in their inventory they wish to sell

The item must be in the player's inventory; items cannot be sold if they are stored in the bank

To sell an item, a player should click on the "Sell" button. This initial action does not sell an item. There are two options for a player to select to actually sell items:

  • Sell: By selecting the action to "Sell", this will automatically sell the item to the highest Buy Order open on the local Market Place. The Silver is deposited directly to the player's inventory once this option is selected
  • Sell Order: By selecting the action to "Sell Order", the player may set the quantity of the item they wish to sell and the price. The player will also see the Tax and Setup Fees associated with the Sell Order. Once a player is satisfied with their Sell Order setup, clicking "Create" will remove the item(s) from the player's inventory and place it on the Market Place for sale at the designated price. To view, edit, or cancel a Sell Order, navigate to the My Orders tab on the Market Place

Market Place - Create Buy Order Tab

Market Place - My Orders Tab

This tab is used by a player to view your Buy Orders or Sell Orders