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Max Load represents how much can be carried in kg before movement speed is reduced. Bags and mounts are the primary items used to increase max load, while certain spells and consumables can be used to increase max load for a time specific duration.

Increasing Max Load


Bags Amount kg
Novice's Bag 40
Journeyman's Bag 85
Adept's Bag 151
Expert's Bag 195
Master's Bag 249
Grandmaster's Bag 300
Elder's Bag 361

Note: These values are for normal bags with no enchantment. The higher quality and enchantment level a bag has, the greater the max load value will be. See Bags

Mounts Amount kg
Journeyman's Riding Horse 157
Adept's Riding Horse 233
Expert's Riding Horse 268
Master's Riding Horse 314
Grandmaster's Riding Horse 358
Elder's Riding Horse 412
Bonehorse 246
Spectral Bonehorse 398
Journeyman's Transport Ox 1569
Adept's Transport Ox 2231
Expert's Transport Ox 2676
Master's Transport Ox 3148
Grandmaster's Transport Ox 3583
Elder's Transport Ox 4116
Saddled Winter Bear 1231
Saddled Wild Boar 739
Saddled Bighorn Ram 1969
Saddled Swamp Salamander 246
Adept's Giant Stag 465
Saddled Direboar 1252
Saddled Swamp Dragon 1075
Saddled Direbear 2469
Elder's Command Mammoth 3977
Elder's Transport Mammoth 41162
Recruiter's Ram 320
Recruiter's Saddled Bat 157
Recruiter's Toad 157
Recruiter's Giant Frog 157
Pest Lizard 358
Frost Ram 594
Grizzly Bear 2146
Novice's Mule 60
Yule Ram 320
Spectral Direboar 1252
Flame Basilisk 3311
Venom Basilisk 3311

Note: Mount must be enabled to benefit from mount's max load.

Consumables Amount % Duration
Minor Gigantify Potion 900 6s
Gigantify Potion 1500 6s
Major Gigantify Potion 2100 6s
Chicken Pie 10 30m
Upland Coldeye Pie 7.5 30m
Goose Pie 20 30m
Mountain Blindeye Pie 15 30m
Pork Pie 30 30m
Frostpeak Deadeye Pie 22.5 30m


Spell Amount% Duration Item Type
Ethereal Path 75 4s Harvester Workboots
Scent of the Wilderness 200 10s Skinner Workboots
Flee 200 7s Miner Workboots
Motivating Pain 200 8s Quarrier Workboots
Sprint Shield 200 6s Lumberjack Workboots