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Morgana Champion

Morgana’s Champions are fearsome-looking beings with white skin and eerie, glowing eyes. When provoked, they swing widely with their mace, while summoning Hellfire to deal immense damage to an out-of-range target. Warriors skilled in magic should be wary of the Champions’ ability to manipulate enemy magic and turn it to their advantage.

Morgana Champion model.png

Morgana Champion outline .png

Attributes Aggro Other
Tier 7 Roaming radius 5 Danger state Veteran
Hostility Hostile Roaming idle time min 2 seconds Lethal Yes
Ability power 791 Roaming idle time max 5 seconds Collision radius 0.75
Attack damage 1028 Aggro radius 15 Attack collision radius 1.5
Attack type Melee Pursuit radius 60 Max charges 13
Attack speed 0.5 Damage aggro factor 1 Time per charges 9600 seconds
Attack move speed 7.5 Healing aggro factor 1 Respawn time min 7200 seconds
Attack range 4 Alert radius 15 Respawn time max 12000 seconds
Physical armor 191
Magic resistance 95
Hitpoints 24172
Hitpoints regeneration 0
Energy 791
Energy regeneration 24
Faction Morgana
Alerts factions Morgana