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General Information

Nature Staff are Hunter Weapon with a balanced focus on healing and area damage.

Nature Staff weapons are unlocked by the Nature Staff Fighter node on the Destiny Board

Abilities are unlocked as you level up the Nature Staff Fighter skill (see the ability table below)

First, Second, and Passive slot abilities are common to all weapons, while Third Slot abilities are unique to each weapon and do not have a level requirement

The default hotkeys for First, Second, and Third Slot abilities are Q, W, and E, respectively

Nature Staff Families

There are seven "Nature Staff families" represented by the seven specialization nodes on the Destiny Board. To unlock all of these families, the player must attain at least Tier 4 nature staff fighter. This will unlock the ability to then also level up specializations. The seven nature staff families are:

Nature Staff Weapon Families

Spells and Abilities

Icon Spell/Ability Name Spell Slot Energy Cost Cast Time Range Cooldown Mastery Unlock
Rejuvenation First 8 Instant 11m 1s 1
Rejuvenating Flower First 0 0s 0m 0s 1
Thorn Growth First 7 0.4s 12m 0s 1
Adrenaline Driven Charity (Nature Staffs) Passive - - - - 1
Calmness (Nature Staffs) Passive - - - - 20
Hit and Run (Nature Staffs) Passive - - - - 50
Revitalize Second 17 per tick Channel 11m 15s 1
Brambleseed Second 23 0.25s 16m 10s. 1
Cleanse Heal Second 25 instant 11m 20s 5
Protection of Nature Second 33 instant 11m 15s 40
Rejuvenating Breeze Second 43 Instant 12m 20s 70
Circle of Life Third 42 1s Self 18s 1
Living Armor Third 49 0s 11m 15s 1
Well of Life Third 61 1s 15m 25s 1
Soul Link Third 18% instant 11m 20s 1
Spiritual Seed Third 24 instant 11m 20s 1
Spirit Animal Third 55 instant 25m 45s 1
Ruthless Nature Third 46 moving channel 0m 25s 1

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
2 March 2022Lands Awakened Patch 6Spirit Animal had of late not seen much use in large group scenarios, with players often relying on Wild Staff instead. To make it more attractive in its intended setting, the maximum group size it can affect has been increased, along with its immediate heal.
  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff):
    • Max targets affected 10 → 15
    • Instant Healing by the Elk: 60 → 110
13 October 2021Call to Arms Patch 11As noted above (under Holy Staffs), base damage output when equipping healing staffs has been reduced. This is to counter a workaround whereby Healers could go full sustain on the Q-slot and get damage from other sources. Now they would have to use the Q-slot damage ability to counter the reduced base damage output, in line with the original intention that they choose between sustain and damage.

Spirit Animal is currently underrepresented in large-scale fights, although it is in precisely these situations that it is meant to shine. To increase its impact, cast range has been adjusted and the cast direction can now be chosen independently. This allows the Healer to better support his army from the back line.

  • Equipping any Nature Staff reduces all damage output by 50%
  • Thorns (all Nature Staffs):
    • Now increases the caster's damage by 10% for 10s (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Spirit Animal (Rampant Staff):
    • Cast Range: at caster → 12m
    • Now cast direction can be selected independent of cast position
    • Base Heal per tick: 12 → 13.5
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Total Healing Output reduced by 10%
  • Removed Self Healing Sickness
  • 27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Rejuvenation:
      • Heal: 8.43 -> 7.75
      • Energycost: 5 -> 4.5
      • Energy Gained on Max Stacks: 8 -> 7
    27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Circle of Life:
      • Cooldown: 15s -> 25s
      • Heal: 158.23 -> 192.5
      • Energycost: 14 -> 15
    27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Living Armor:
      • Cooldown: 20s -> 25s
      • AR/MR Increase: 0.31 -> 0.13
      • Heal per Damage: 14.57 -> 27.62
      • Duration: 10s -> 8
      • Energycost: 14 -> 16
    27 September 2017Joseph Update
    • Well of Life:
      • Heal per tick: 25.08 -> 26.89