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On this page you will find a collection of frequently asked questions by new players.

The idea is to collect a bunch of questions from the 'albion-questions' channel on Discord, from the Beginner's Questions Forum or any other source and answer them here.

This is a work in progress. Any help is appreciated.

If you have a different opinion on how a question or answer should be phrased - either change it if it is clearly wrong or put it up for discussion on the Discussion page.

(editors note: Please try to limit the scope of the questions to new players who just started playing Albion Online. Depending on how many questions we can collect, we will just expand this page to a general FAQ. But for now the focus is on new players.)

A word of caution

The answers to these questions are likely partially subjective and various opinions on how to answer each question will exist, based on how different players like to approach Albion.

So take these questions and answers with a grain of salt.

Q: How do I use this list?

A: Press ctrl+F or the search function and see if its been aswered ;)

Q: What kind of official websites and channels exist?

A: Below you find a partial list of some of the official Albion Online channels and resources.

Official Sources & Websites

Other Official Sources

Q: Is it worth crafting in the city or should I crate my own crafting station on my island ?

A: You can find below many reasons why it's best to craft in the cities.

  • In the cities, there is a big ressource return rate (15%) when you craft. Meanwhile on an island the ressource return rate is 0%. (This 15% return rate is in the five major royal cities and in the black zone town plots).

Generally, it isn't worth to craft on your own island, but if the tax on the building is higher than what the 15% would give you back it's maybe worth to create your own station but this is very unlikely.

e.g : you are crafting a hood (8 leather) you will get 1 leather in return in a city. Let's say that this leather is worth X silver. If the taxe is higher than X silver it isn't worth to craft in this station.

  • Some cities are specialised in some kind of crafting (e.g : Frost staff in Martlock / Cloth in Lymhurst / etc.) making the return rate even higher. You can't find this kind of bonuses on personnal islands.
  • If you use focus when crafting in a city you can get up to 48% return rate. On your island it's only 35%. One more reason to craft in the cities.
  • Creating your own crafting station isn't worth : you have to put food in the buildings, you have to buy or gather the stone. It's very expensive.

This is why you should always craft in the cities.

Q: Can I test the game before buying it?

A: Yes. You can test the game for 7 days using a trial key, which can be obtained in the official game forum or the reddit page.

Q: After the trial is over, do I need to buy the game to keep playing, or can I get only the 30 days premium subscription?

A: Yes, you do need to buy the game to keep playing. Albion's premium subscription is not needed at all to play the game after you bought it, as it only gives a bonuses for those who already own the game (such as double fame, half price repair costs, learning points every day, and much more).

Q: If I purchase a veteran pack can I upgrade it later for the other pack options (Epic, Legendary)?

A: Yes you can. You will get the corresponding rewards from the upgrade as well.

Q: What is fame?

A: It's what you get when developing most of Albion's activites. It's similar to other games experience points, but regarding weapons and gear in general, every piece of gear that you wear has it's own fame (if you want to switch to a different type of gear you have to level it up as well).

Q: What is the Destiny Board?

A: The destiny board shows your character progress in every aspect of the game, and can be opened by pressing "B" by default. Using the destiny board , you can also spend your Learning Points and do some Fame Respec.

Q: How many types of different weapons can I use?

A: There are 14 different main weapon branches in the destiny tree, which are: Arcanist, Axe Fighter, Bow Fighter, Crossbow Fighter, Warlock, Dagger Fighter, Pyromancer, Frost Mage, Hammer Fighter, Priest, Mace Fighter, Nature Staff Fighter, Quarterstaff Fighter, Spear Fighter, Sword Fighter

Q: How many types of different armor pieces can I use?

A: There are 3 main branches of armor in the destiny board , which are: Cloth Armor Fighter, Leather Armor Fighter and Plate Armor Fighter. There are also special armor sets for each of the six gathering professions: Lumberjack (chopping wood), Gamekeeper (skinning hides), Prospector (mining ore), Cropper (harvesting fiber), Quarrier (gathering stone), and Fisherman (fishing for fish and other miscellaneous items). These gathering gear sets offer bonuses to resources gathered while wearing them and also have a number of unique abilities to help you survive while out gathering.

Q: Where do I find monsters to kill?

A: There are monsters everywhere in Albion. What most people do is solo farm on the maps killing roaming mobs, or get a group going for dungeons, expeditions or hardcore expeditions.

Q: What kind of activies can I do besides PvE in the game?

A: In Albion, you don't necessarily need to engage in PvE. You can be a craftsman, gatherer or a farmer. There is also the PvP aspect of the game, that allow you to play in different PvP activies, such as (hellgates, GvG's (guild versus guild), ZvZ (zerg versus zerg), ganking and others.

Q: Where can I buy/sell stuff?

A: You can try to buy/sell it in the trade channel or using the marketplace.

Q: What are Masteries and Specializations?

A: Mastery levels describe your progression relative to your main equipment branches (e.g.: Mace Fighter level) on the destiny board, while the specializations are relative to the actual gear you are wearing (e.g.: Heavy Mace Fighter level)

Q: What's the difference between Blue Zones, Yellow Zones, Red Zones and Black Zones?

A: There are two major differences between this zones: the item power cap and the PvP aspect.

Blue Zones are mostly the starter zones or expedition instances, where you cannot be killed by players (unless you are faction flagged).

Yellow Zones connect blue zones to red zones, where you cannot be killed by another player (unless you are faction flagged), but you can get attacked and knocked out for 3 minutes. Red zones are full loot PvP zones, where you can get killed by players, but they have to be hard flagged (you can see that by their red name) and you can see the total of flagged players near the map name on the minimap. Player who kill another players will lose reputation. (see the reputation mechanics)

Black zones are where the most experient players are. This type of zone have no IP cap whatsoever (in Open World), where you can kill and get killed by any player outside your party, guild or alliance. There is no loss in reputation for killing other players in black zones. There is a fame bonus for killing mobs in the black zones.

Q: Can I purchase and play Albion via Steam?

A: Yes, Albion is available through the Steam store. You can also purchase an account via the Albion website directly and link the account to Steam but you will only earn steam rewards if you bought the account originally through Steam.

Q: Are there ever any server wipes or resets?

A: No. Albion does not currently have any server wipes or resets planned, and it is unlikely that they would be introduced in the future. This is not to be confused with monthly territory invasions where ownership of watchtower territories resets periodically through each three month long GvG season.

Q: Is this game worth it?

A: Yes. Check the Albion subreddit for multiple threads on this topic where the general consensus is, yes it is worth it (if a full loot, PvP focused MMORPG with MOBA style combat mechanics is your style).

Q: Is it too late to start? Will I always be behind?

A: No. While there is certainly a grind aspect to Albion Online since it is an MMORPG, there are multiple mechanics in place which are intended to help new players catch up. For example, learning points can be used to skip up to 80% of the fame required for each mastery or specialization level of a skill.