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The Outlands have been modified. Starting with the Queen update, the Outlands have been replaced with the New Outlands

New Outlands are what make up the landmass north of The Royal Continent. New Outlands are made up entirely of Black Zones, and is the only place where Black Zones can be found. This area is sometimes referred to as "The Black Zone".


Old Outlands

These continents is removed in Queen update. There are five continents in the Outlands:

New Outlands

Still in progress. Please edit this part if you have the info.


Caerleon will no longer have a Realmgate to the Outlands, if a player with Dreaded Reputation enters Caerleon (after lowering their reputation in a neighboring red zone), their only options are to wait for their reputation to increase or fast travel to another city.

There are three Outlands "cities". These are similar to the "starter" towns, consisting of a Marketplace, Tier 8 Repair Station, and a Bank. Located in the middle between some Outlands Portals, they often are close to high-tier zones and offer a safe area for players.


Portal Lock mechanics

This was an old and defunct mechanic after Queen update release. Upon returning to Caerleon or the Royal Continent (through a portal or death), unless the player took a portal in the last 30 seconds, the player will be portal locked for 10 minutes: The player cannot go through another portal if he has got this lock.

Queen update

With Caerleon's portal breaking down in Queen update, the Royal cities will also rise in importance, as their portals are now the only way to reach the new Outlands. They will use a triple portal system, which should allow for safer entry into the black zones, while also allowing the portal areas to remain a feasible hunting ground.

Time Zones

The New Outlands time zones

Because of Queen update, there are now seven prime times in total. These will include viable times for Asian and Australian players. Prime times will occur at 0:00, 3:00, 5:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 UTC. The number of areas in a given prime time directly relates to player numbers during these times.

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