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Players can invite other players to a party. Once you are in the same group with other players you can not attack each other anymore and share experiences, loot, and other gameplay elements. Players in your party will also appear on your mini-map.

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Party Mechanics

Inviting Players

There are several two main ways to add players: targeted, and manual invites.


To do this player must be added to your friends' list.

  1. Click the "+" icon just under your player portrait
  2. Now enter the player's name in the prompt and confirm


To do this player must be targeted and therefore in proximity to your character.

  1. Target the play by clicking them (left click) and you will see their portrait at the top of the game HUD near your player portrait.
  2. Now right-click on the player's portrait, and select the "Invite to Party" option


  1. Right click players name in chat window
  2. Click invite to party


  1. Type /invite partymember in chat (if a player is in party, both parties will merge after accepting the invite)

Inviting Players

As of Lands awakened patch, you can now ask to join a party via command.


  1. Type /join partymember in chat
  2. Wait for the party to accept you


Right-click your player portrait and click leave party.

Looting Modes

There are two types of looting modes. Only the party leader (the person that initialized the party) can change the loot mode


Party will be able to pick up loot with no restrictions. Use this if you are playing with people you trust, or if you don't care about looting.


Loot will be only assigned to certain party members. This applies loot randomly between players. Use this in general with people you don't know or trust.

Fame Boosts

Depending on the size of a party a fame bonus is given to all members of the party. This makes grouping up with players greater than 2 beneficial.

Group SIze Factor
1 1.0
2 1.0
3 1.17
4 1.33
5+ 1.4


Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
26 January 2022Lands Awakened Patch 4
  • Party join requests now behave as "join" instead of "invite" if used on players without parties
  • Multiple party join requests can be sent by a player; open requests cancel automatically after acceptance
  • Using /suicide now requires second confirmation
  • Added message to /stuck indicating player can still be attacked while casting
19 April 2021Call to Arms Patch 3
  • Change: to invite a player to your guild, type /ginvite (formerly /invite)
  • Change: to kick a player from your guild, type /gkick (formerly /kick)
  • New command: to invite a player to your party, type /invite
  • New command: to kick a player from your party, type /kick
  • New command: to leave your current party, type /leave
  • A chat notification now appears when your party invitation is accepted or declined
9 January 2019Nimue Patch #5
  • Abilities no longer displace party members in cities
28 November 2018Nimue Patch #1
  • Updated party display for players outside of cluster or in an instance (e.g. Expedition)
28 November 2018Nimue Patch #1
  • Fixed several issues with the Party Finder UI:
    • Changing leaders no longer creates a new party in "Other Parties" section
    • Filters now reset correctly in "enlist" view
    • UI now closes as intended when leaving a search
    • Added a clear error message when attempting to use the Party Finder with a full party
    • Guild/alliance filters now only appear for players in a guild or alliance
28 November 2018Nimue Patch #1
  • Fixed an issue where party member indicators appeared on other cluster maps
21 November 2018Nimue UpdateParty Members' Roles: Combat roles (Defensive, Fighter, and Healer) now display for party members while in the open world. These roles can be overwritten or changed to "No Role" as desired.