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A baby foal and ox growing inside of a pasture.

The Pasture allows you to place baby animals (purchased at the seed vendor NPC) and feed them until they are fully grown. Once this is done, you can choose to keep your animals for their products (eggs, milk...), turn them into Mounts, or slaughter them for food at a Butcher. Pastures are Tier 3 structures and have the following crafting requirements:

Material Amount
Rough Logs 30
Rough Stone 30
Chestnut Planks 30
Sandstone Blocks 30

Young Farm Animals Available

  • Baby Chicken
  • Kid
  • Gosling
  • Lamb
  • Piglet
  • Calf

Young Oxen Available

  • Journeyman's Ox Calf
  • Adept's Ox Calf
  • Expert's Ox Calf
  • Master's Ox Calf
  • Grandmaster's Ox Calf
  • Elder's Ox Calf

Young Horses Available

  • Journeyman's Foal
  • Adept's Foal
  • Expert's Foal
  • Master's Foal
  • Grandmaster's Foal
  • Elder's Foal