Pest Lizard

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The Pest Lizard is the monthly reward for completing the November Adventurer's Challenge by reaching 600.000 Challenge points in November.

Image Name Description
Pest Lizard Adventurer's Challenge Reward - Quick and hard to catch, this baleful creature can emit intoxicating poison when threatened.
Hitpoints: 1239
Move Speed Bonus: +120%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus: +120%
Mount Abilities
Toxic Cloud Spits highly toxic matter on the ground, creating a 6m radius of intoxicating vapor. Enemies hit by the area will run aimlessly around for 3s.

Energy Cost: 24

Cast time: 1.5s

Range: 16m

Cooldown: 2m 00s

Toxic Reaction Condition: Activates when you take damage.

Effect: The lizard emits an intoxicating poison in a 6m radius. Enemies hit by it will run aimlessly around for 3s.

Cooldown: 60s