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List of Pickaxes

Beginner's Pickaxe

Novice's Pickaxe

Journeyman's Pickaxe

Adept's Pickaxe

Expert's Pickaxe

Master's Pickaxe

Grandmaster's Pickaxe

Elder's Pickaxe

Icon Name Tier Gathers Crafting Cost Weight
Beginner's Pickaxe I T1 - T2 3 x Rough Logs.png Rough Logs

3 x Rough Stone.png Rough Stone

Novice's Pickaxe II T1 - T3 6 x Birch Plank.png Birch Plank

2 x Copper Bar.png Copper Bar

Journeyman's Pickaxe III T1 - T4 6 x Chestnut Plank.png Chestnut Plank

2 x Bronze Bar.png Bronze Bar

Adept's Pickaxe IV T1 - T5 6 x Pine Plank.png Pine Plank

2 x Steel Bar.png Steel Bar

Expert's Pickaxe V T1 - T6 6 x Cedar Plank.png Cedar Plank

2 x Titanium Steel Bar.png Titanium Steel Bar

Master's Pickaxe VI T1 - T7 6 x Bloodoak Plank.png Bloodoak Plank

2 x Runite Steel Bar.png Runite Steel Bar

Grandmaster's Pickaxe VII T1 - T8 6 x Ashenbark Planks.png Ashenbark Planks

2 x Meteorite Steel Bar.png Meteorite Steel Bar

Elder's Pickaxe VIII T1 - T8.3 6 x Whitewood Plank.png Whitewood Plank

2 x Adamantium Steel Bar.png Adamantium Steel Bar