Plate Armors

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This page is for the specific items worn on the chest slot. For the overview of all types of armor made of plate, see Plate Armor.

Unlocking the Journeyman Plate Armors node on the Destiny Board allows you to use the various pieces of equipment below:

Plate Armors

Plate Armors offer defense from both their provided abilities and their provided stats.

Normal Armors

Royal Armor

Royal gear items require adding Royal Sigils to normal gear in order to make them.

Artifact Armors

Artifact Armors require a special artifact when crafting them in addition to the normal refined resources.

You can view the required artifacts on the Artifact page.

Rune Artifact Armor

Soul Artifact Armor

Relic Artifact Armor

Skill Selection

  • You can only select one ability per slot (R and the passive P).
  • The third R ability is unique for each armor.
  • The P slot is universal for all plate armors. Plate armors can select 2 passives.

Universal P Abilities

Unique R Abilities

The special R Spells are unique to the respective jackets below:

Ability Description Type Cooldown (s) Range (m)


Once unleashed, you get a 7% damage bonus and a 4% Crowd Control duration bonus every time you take damage (charges up to 10 times). This spell lasts for 10s.   Soldier Armor 30 self

 Wind Wall

Conjures a Wind Wall in front of you, lasting 4s, which knocks back all enemies hit by it.   Knight Armor 30 5

 Enfeeble Aura

Creates a 7m aura around you that lasts for 5 seconds. All enemies inside it will do 60% less damage, and be slowed by 15%. The aura also reveals invisible enemies.   Guardian Armor 30 self

 Energy Drain

A 6m radius energy-draining aura surround you for 8s. You and up to 5 allies will steal 9 energy per second from each enemy inside the aura.   Royal Armor 60 self

 Soul Chain

Attach a chain to an enemy. After 3s the enemy will be pulled to your position. However, if the enemy is more than 30m away from you, the chain will break and the enemy won't be pulled.   Graveguard Armor 40 2

 Protection of the Fiends

While channeling, you and allies in a 7m radius reflect 50% of incoming damage. Your resistances are decreased by 93, while your allies' resistances are increased by 117. The channel last up to 6s and can't be interrupted by enemies.   Demon Armor 40 15

 Force Shield

Creates a Force Shield on the ground. It increases resistances by 87 and healing received by 30% for up to 10 allies. The shield has a 7m radius and lasts for 8s.   Judicator Armor 50 self

Passive Ability Slot 1

Passive Ability Slot 2