Plate Helmets

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General Information

  • To wear Plate Helmets, the appropriate node must be unlocked on the Destiny Board
  • The journey to unlock Tier 2 Plate Helmets begins in the Trainee Fighter node
  • To unlock Tier 3 Plate Helmets, the player will need to unlock the Journeyman Plate Armor Fighter node
  • In order to unlock Tier 4 and higher Plate Helmets, the player will need to unlock the Plate Helmet Fighter node
  • Once the Plate Helmet Fighter node is unlocked, the player will determine which type of Plate Helmet they would like to unlock further
  • There are five different Plate Helmet types that may be unlocked on the Destiny Board: Soldier, Knight, Guardian, Royal and Artifact
  • Players may also craft a Royal Helmet using Royal Sigils and the various tiers of Soldier Helmet
  • Additionally, players will be able to craft Artifact Helmets beginning at Tier 4 if they have the appropriate Artifact items


  • Based on Normal Item Quality
  • Helmets have additional stats and enchantments which may be viewed by clicking on the Item Name

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
5 April 2018Lancelot Patch #3
  • Plate Armors:
    • Removed the Threat Regeneration Bonuses
    • Added a second Passive Slot where one of the following options can be chosen:
      • Normal attacks apply a debuff on mobs, which reduces max health by 12% (this effect can't be stacked)
      • Threat Generation increased by 300%
    • T2 & T3 Plate Armor: Replaced Taunt with Fury to improve the early game experience
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Plate Armors Now have an additional 200% Health Regen Bonus out of combat
  • Threat Bonus Factors:
    • Soldier Armor: 1.4 -> 4
    • Knight Armor: 1.45 -> 4.25
    • Guardian Armor: 1.5 -> 4.5
    • Removed the Threat Bonus from all Cloth- & Leather Armor
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Additional Crowd Control Duration Factor:
    • Mercenary Jacket: 10% -> 20%
    • Assassin Jacket: 20% -> 10%
    • Soldier Armor: 50% -> 40%
    • Guardian Armor: 40% -> 50%