Power Geyser

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General Information

Power Geyser
Energy Cost 30 Hit the ground, releasing a Power Geyser with a 3m radius at the targeted position after 0.4s. Throws all enemies hit in the air for 1s. Deals 168 magical damage. Knocks back all allies hit 8m away from the geyser.
Cast Time Instant
Range 11m
Cooldown 8s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power.


Melee Weapon
Elder's Forge Hammers
Elder's Great Hammer
Elder's Grovekeeper
Elder's Hammer
Elder's Hand of Justice
Elder's Polehammer
Elder's Tombhammer

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
13 October 2021Call to Arms Patch 11Hammers have been the main tank in 5v5 Crystal League play for a while. To make them somewhat less powerful, the damage and armor reduction of Iron Breaker, which could generate heavy pressure over the course of a fight, has been reduced. The cooldown of Power Geyser has been increased by 2 seconds to reduce the up-time of this ranged displacement. The stun duration of Tackle, meanwhile, has been reduced slightly as that, along with its mobility on a relatively low cooldown, made it more valuable than other Hammer E-abilities.
  • Iron Breaker (all Hammers):
    • Resistance Reduction: 0.14 → 0.12
    • Damage vs Players: 120 → 90 (Damage vs Mobs stays unchanged)
  • Power Geyser (all Hammers):
    • Cooldown: 8s → 10s
  • Tackle (Great Hammer):
    • Stun Duration: 2.35s → 2.10s
28 July 2021Call to Arms Patch 9Added four new icons to better represent the corresponding abilities:
  • Blood Bandit (One-Handed Axe, E-slot)
  • Protective Beam (Enigmatic Staff, E-slot)
  • Arcane Orb (One-Handed Arcane Staff, E-slot)
  • Ground Shaker (Maces, W-slot)
12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
  • Iron Breaker (all Hammers):
    • Hit delay: 0.4s → 0.35s
    • Standtime: 0.5s → 0.45s
  • Power Geyser (all Hammers):
    • Cooldown: 9s → 8s
    • Hit delay: 0.45s → 0.4s
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0.5s
  • Grasp of the Undead (Tombhammer):
    • Hit delay: 0.5s → 0.35s
    • Standtime: 0.6s → 0.5s
  • 19 May 2020Queen Patch 12 (Season 9 Balance Patch) and Hotfix 12.1Hammers
    • Power Geyser (all Hammers):
      • Cooldown: 10s → 9s
      • Hit Delay: 0.5s → 0.45s
      • Standtime: 0.8s → 0.6s
    • Earth Shatter (One-handed Hammer):
      • Standtime: 1.2s → 0.8s
    • Groundbreaker (Polehammer):
      • Hit Delay: 0.5s → 0.3s
      • Standtime: 1s → 0.6s
    20 February 2019Nimue Balance Patch (Patch #7)Hammers
    • Power Geyser (all Hammers)
      • Hit Delay: 0.6s → 0.5s
    • Grasp of the Undead (Tomb Hammer)
      • Reworked the ability: A giant Undead Hand comes out of the ground, hitting enemies in a 2.5m radius. Dealing 110 physical damage and stunning for 2.9s.
      • Cooldown: 15s → 14s
      • Hit Delay: 0.4s → 0.5s
    1 August 2017Launch Patch #1
  • Power Geyser ability on Hammers and Energy Bolt ability on Arcane Staffs can no longer be used before unlocking them on the Destiny Board