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Randomized Dungeons


Randomized Dungeons are locations (intended for groups of 4 to 6 players) full of valuable treasure and dangerous enemies, providing great rewards to those who can fight their way through them. They are found all throughout the world in zones of Tier 4 and above, but aren't visible on the map and don't stay in the same places for long. Their challenges and rewards match the tier of the zone they are found in.

These dungeons are created procedurally based on numerous parameters, influencing the mob types, layout, and quality of loot found within. Each dungeon lasts only for a limited time, and is accessible to any player who discovers it, providing an incentive to clear them out quickly and completely. In addition to their unpredictable structures, these realms feature special shrines and dungeon chests.

Hidden Entrances

Hidden Entrances are the gateways to these dungeons. As their locations are not revealed on the minimap and they are detectable by all players, they bring spontaneity and unpredictability to Albion's open world. Harder types of Hidden Entrances can also be accessed via Dungeon Maps, which offer a party first rights to an otherwise unseen entrance, that lead to dungeons of greater-than-normal difficulty and rewards.

The tier of the mobs inside of Hidden Entrances depends on the tier of the map in which they are found. The exceptions are Hidden Entrances spawning inside of large Static Dungeons (the ones visible on the World Map; these are always one tier higher than the Static Dungeon they are located in.


Types of Entrances

There are 5 types of entrances:

  • Portal
  • Morgana
  • Heretic or Mine
  • Undead
  • Keeper

The visual design of the Hidden Entrance (see the images below) indicates which Faction will be found inside, with the exception of the floating portal entrances which can contain any faction. Within large static dungeons, randomized dungeons will always be of the same faction as the larger dungeon.

Each Entrance will have torches set up around them, which provide a helpful guide to the player: upon entering a Hidden Entrance, the torches will extinguish for that player, providing a useful marker for whether they have already been in that dungeon. Note: The torches will not alert you if another player is inside the dungeon. They only indicate if you have personally entered the dungeon before.

Random Dungeon Maps

image of a Morgana Hidden Entrance

Players can find random dungeon maps as mob drops. Alternatively they can purchase them in the Marketplace from other players. When a player uses a map a portal will appear on a same tier zone as the random dungeon map used in a 5 zone radius (5 zone including the zone in which the map was used).

Map explanation rdg.png
For example, using a tier 7, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 map in Coombe Tor will generate a t7 portal in the t7 locations that are not further than 5 maps away (5 maps or closer), meaning
  • Bleak Moor,
  • Blighted Bog, or
  • Bein Aden.

If there is no zone of the same tier as the random dungeon map the player is trying to use, the player will receive the message The map doesn't show anything in this area. Try using it somewhere else.

If the map is used successfully and the portal appears a spell indicator will appear under the name of the player who used it indicating a 15 minutes countdown. The global map will be opened on the location of the map showing a pulsating circle around the area of the entrance.

Random dungeon map pop.png

The 15 minutes countdown indicates that for this period of time no one else will be able to see the portal entrance. When the player that used the map reaches the proximity of the entrance the entrance will become visible for everyone, friends or foes.

If the player who used the map doesn't reach the proximity of the entrance within the 15 minutes countdown, then the entrance will become visible for everyone.

The mobs and the rewards from the player summoned maps are stronger than the randomly spawned dungeons' mobs and rewards.

The following tiers of random dungeon maps exist currently in Albion:

Image Map Name Mobs Stronger by Tier
Adept's Dungeon Map
Uncommon Adept's Dungeon Map
Rare Adept's Dungeon Map
Exceptional Adept's Dungeon Map
Expert's Dungeon Map
Uncommon Expert's Dungeon Map
Rare Expert's Dungeon Map
Exceptional Expert's Dungeon Map
Master's Dungeon Map
Uncommon Master's Dungeon Map
Rare Master's Dungeon Map
Exceptional Master's Dungeon Map
Grandmaster's Dungeon Map
Uncommon Grandmaster's Dungeon Map
Rare Grandmaster's Dungeon Map
Exceptional Grandmaster's Dungeon Map
Elder's Dungeon Map
Uncommon Elder's Dungeon Map
Rare Elder's Dungeon Map
Exceptional Elder's Dungeon Map