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City Realmgates are fast travel routes connecting Royal Continent and Outlands.

City Realmgates are located inside the Conqueror's Hall of five Royal Cities (Bridgewatch, Martlock, Thetford, Fort Sterling, Lymhurst), which can be found at the north corner of the cities.

Caerleon Realmgate has been removed with update Version 1.16.392.158262

Portal Binding

Using a City Realmgate to travel Outlands binds players to the Realmgate for 7 Days.

This binding prevents players travelling to Outlands from other city Realmgates.

Players will still be able to enter other cities Outland Portal Zone to return to the Royal Continent, use the Market Place and Bank

Portal Unbinding

Players can remove their binds and use other City Realmgates after 7 days cooldown.

If players return to the Royal Continent through other cities Outlands Portal Zone their binding will be changed to that city Realmgate.

Outlands Portal Zones