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City Realmgate portal is a type of portal for fast travel between Royal Continent and Outlands:

  • Player character is bound to the first used city realmgate portal indefinitely. Binding prevents him from traveling through other city realmgate portals until the Binding Removal is used (cd. 30 days).
  • Return to the Royal Continent is possible through any outlands realmgate portal.
  • Using an outland realmgate portal connected to another city realmgate portal will change the player binding to a new location.
Royal continent.png
City Portal Color Connection to Maps Image
Carleon Red
  • Torrid Through (Siluria)
  • Alderwood (Cumbria)
  • Elmwood (Mercia)
  • Flintslice Plain (Mercia)
  • Gavelight March (Mercia)
  • Cley Hill (Mercia)
Portals map carleon.png
Martlock Blue
  • Polliwog Mound (Glouvia)
  • Ivycopse (Glouvia)
  • Beag Estan (Glouvia)
  • Roostcliff (Anglia)
  • Browngrass Meadow (Anglia)
  • Blencathra (Anglia)
Portals map martlock.png
Lymhurst Green
  • Desolate Meadow (Glouvia)
  • Triproot Grove (Siluria)
  • Thistlescope (Anglia)
  • Hotshadow (Cumbria)
Portals map lymhurst.png
Bridgewatch Yellow
  • Frogsong Fen (Glouvia)
  • Shamlight Fen (Glouvia)
  • Midgebite Fen (Anglia)
  • Deepwater Fen (Anglia)
Portals map bridgewatch.png
Thetford Purple
  • Eyrie Tor (Glouvia)
  • Mosslake (Glouvia)
  • Hanging Valley (Anglia)
  • Slickhag (Anglia)
Portals map thetford.png
Fort Sterling White
  • Hardstone Quarry (Siluria)
  • Fairyfire Fen (Siluria)
  • Bootsuck Fen (Cumbria)
  • Coombe Tor (Cumbria)
Portals map sterling.png