Recruiter's Saddled Bat

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Recruiter's Saddled Bat

Referral Mount - Can fly on its own, though with a human on top it becomes too heavy to fly over obstacles.
15.8 kg
Item value

Recruiter's Saddled Bat

The Recruiter's Saddled Bat is a Tier 3 mount that can fly but not over obstacles.

  • The Recruiter's Saddled Bat cannot be crafted
  • The Recruiter's Saddled Bat Item Quality cannot be increased
  • The Recruiter's Saddled Bat does not have any unique abilities
  • The Recruiter's Saddled Bat was awarded to players during a Referral Season for inviting 25 players to Albion Online in March 2018


Recruiter's Saddled Bat
Item Quality Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus
Normal 3.0 500 669 65% 100%
Good 3.0 510 669 65% 100%
Outstanding 3.0 520 669 65% 100%
Excellent 3.0 550 669 65% 100%
Masterpiece 3.0 600 669 65% 100%


Recruiters Bat.png

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