Recruiter's Toad

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Recruiter's Toad

The Recruiter's Toad is a male Tier 3 mount named Slippy.

  • The Recruiter's Toad cannot be crafted
  • The Recruiter's Toad Item Quality cannot be increased
  • The Recruiter's Toad has one special ability: Toad Jump
  • The Recruiter's Toad was awarded to players during a Referral Season for inviting 25 players to Albion Online in April 2018


Recruiter's Toad
Item Power 500
Weight 15.8 kg
Mount Hit Points 669
Move Speed Bonus -20%
Gallop Move Speed Bonus -20%
Armor 0
Magical Resistance 0
CC Resistance 0
Max Load +157 kg


Recruiters Toad.png

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