Referral Season

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Referral Season

Referral Seasons are part of a program aimed at expanding the player base and rewarding the players involved in this process. Each referral program lasts for a certain period of time and awards three different rewards, which are valuable because of their limited amount and availability.

Before the free-to-play release the referral was done via a 7 days trial key which could be purchased by the players for 500 Gold and then shared. If the player using the trial key bought a game pack then the referrer received [[Gold] according to the pack that was bought by the person who was referred. Regardless of the additional Gold bonus from the game packs, the referrer received an item for the first, fifth and twenty-fifth used trial key.

After the free-to-play release each player can freely create an invite link. The item rewards are counted if the person who is referred buys a minimum of 30 days of Premium, and the referrer receives 500 Gold. The item rewards are for the first, third, and fifth referred player who buys Premium.

First Referral Season