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General Information

Refining Buildings

There are five different refining buildings for each of the gatherable resources:


The Fiber Weaver nodes are responsible for unlocking the refining of Tier 4-8 Fiber. To unlock the higher tier nodes, the player has to craft Simple Cloth or better.

Node Name Tier
Adept Fiber Weaver 4
Expert Fiber Weaver 5
Master Fiber Weaver 6
Grandmaster Fiber Weaver 7
Elder Fiber Weaver 8


The Ore Smelter nodes are responsible for unlocking the refining of Tier 4-8 Ore. To unlock the higher tier nodes, the player has to craft Copper Bars or better.

Node Name Tier
Adept Ore Smelter 4
Expert Ore Smelter 5
Master Ore Smelter 6
Grandmaster Ore Smelter 7
Elder Ore Smelter 8


The Hide Tanner nodes are responsible for unlocking the refining of Tier 4-8 Hides. To unlock the higher tier nodes, the player has to craft Stiff Leather or better.

Node Name Tier
Adept Hide Tanner 4
Expert Hide Tanner 5
Master Hide Tanner 6
Grandmaster Hide Tanner 7
Elder Hide Tanner 8


The Wood Planer nodes are responsible for unlocking the refining of Tier 4-8 Wood. To unlock the higher tier nodes, the player has to craft Birch Planks or better.

Node Name Tier
Adept Wood Planer 4
Expert Wood Planer 5
Master Wood Planer 6
Grandmaster Wood Planer 7
Elder Wood Planer 8

Stone Cutter

The Stone Cutter nodes are responsible for unlocking the refining of Tier 4-8 Stone. To unlock the higher tier nodes, the player has to craft Limestone Blocks or better.

Node Name Tier
Adept Stone Cutter 4
Expert Stone Cutter 5
Master Stone Cutter 6
Grandmaster Stone Cutter 7
Elder Stone Cutter 8

Max Level Crafter Focus Cost

In the table below you will see the focus cost per resource refined if your character has 100 specialization in each of the refining nodes. Focus costs can be further reduced with bonuses. See Crafting Focus for more information.

Tier Cost
2 10
3 24
4 3
4.1 6
4.2 9
4.3 15
5 6
5.1 10
5.2 17
5.3 29
6 10
6.1 18
6.2 30
6.3 53
7 18
7.1 31
7.2 54
7.3 94
8 31
8.1 55
8.2 95
8.3 167

Optimizing Refining

When refining you may want to optimize the the process as much as possible to make more for less, and therefore more money. There are several factors that can be leveraged to optimize refining.

  • Crafting Focus which is essential for optimizing and make more money. Premium is required to accumulate focus daily.
  • Buying with buy orders in proper city based on Local Economies
  • Selling with sell orders in proper city based on Local Economies
  • Be in the city that has the bonus for whatever you are refining. For a list see: Crafting Focus
  • Consider buying empty journals to fill while refining to sell back the full variants.
  • Refine at stations with lowest tax rates

Related Patch Notes

Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
21 November 2022Beyond the Veil Update
  • Crafting bonus changes:
    • Specialist potion crafting bonuses removed from Caerleon
    • When Hideout Power Cores were introduced, Hideouts in the Outlands had their default crafting bonuses reduced as Power Levels allowed these bonuses to be increased. Roads Hideouts were left alone because they didn't have access to Power Cores. Now Roads Hideouts receive similar treatment:
      • Generalist Refining bonus decreased from 18% to 10%.
      • Specialist Refining bonus: stays at +10%.
      • Generalist Crafting bonus reduced from 25% to 18%, but can be improved to 26% through Power upgrades
      • Specialist Crafting bonus stays at +15%, but can be improved to 57% through Power upgrades
      • Comparable to Quality 1 Hideouts, except that Q1 Outlands Hideouts have 15% generalist refining, while Roads Hideouts have 10% generalist refining and +10% specialist refining
21 November 2022Beyond the Veil UpdateDiminishing Returns have been reworked for knockbacks and knocking enemies into the air, to prevent players being stun-locked by repeated knock-ups:
  • Knocking enemies into the air is now affected by Diminishing Returns
  • Knocking enemies into the air now counts as knockback for DR, with individual adjustments applied to various abilities
  • Knockback DR Factor: 0.04 → 0.08
  • Knockback DR Time: 15s → 10s
17 March 2021Call to Arms Update
  • Instanced areas (i.e. Hideouts) and tunnel zones are now included in the queue functionality, meaning players can now skip overcrowded zones outside their Hideouts and can skip into tunnel zones
  • Cluster Skipping is now possible when relogging into an overcrowded cluster
  • The Smart Cluster Queue now also activates in all Royal Continent zones:
    • This change makes large-scale Faction Warfare battles possible on the Royal Continent
    • Each Faction counts as its own contingent
    • Cluster Access Priority settings do NOT impact Faction-flagged players
    • The queue assigns at least 50 spots per Faction, even if they are vastly outnumbered
    • 50 spots are also reserved for non-Faction-flagged players, to prevent Faction players from completely blocking zones for other players
  • Improved the UI for cluster skipping:
    • Now all available zones are immediately selectable
    • Opening the world map will no longer cancel cluster selection
    • The cluster selection screen now provides more info about the cluster:
      • Tier and danger level (i.e. red or yellow) of the target cluster
      • Distance to the selected cluster (i.e. how many zones will be jumped)
  • 12 August 2020Rise of Avalon Update and Hotfix 1, 2
    • AoE Escalation max bonus: 100% → 70%
    • Maximum Ability Damage Increase from buffs: +150% → +100%
    28 January 2019Nimue Patch #6
    • Local refining efficiency bonuses in Royal Cities have been raised to make transporting materials to these cities more worthwhile. (Note: these bonuses are only part of the formula that determines total return rate in a given crafting location.) Here is how the boost to local production bonuses affects resource return rates:
      • Current (old) resource return rate: 30% without focus / 50% with focus
      • Patch 6 (new) resource return rate: 35% without focus / 53% with focus
    31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateEach city on the Royal Continent now has its own unique refining and crafting bonuses. As the cities have each grown more independent within their own biome, these bonuses are based on materials that are rare for the given biome. (See the "Changes" section below for a breakdown of these changes by city and item type.)
    31 July 2018Merlyn UpdateRefining and Crafting Bonuses: Bonuses will apply to materials refined and items crafted in the Royal cities. Here are the items that will be affected in each city:
    • Martlock (Highland) - Refining: Hide; Crafting: Axe, Quarterstaff, Frost Staff, Plate Shoes, Offhand
    • Bridgewatch (Steppe) - Refining: Rock; Crafting: Crossbow, Dagger, Cursed Staff, Plate Armor, Cloth Shoes
    • Lymhurst (Forest) - Refining: Fiber; Crafting: Sword, Bow, Arcane Staff, Leather Headgear, Leather Shoes
    • Fort Sterling (Mountain) - Refining: Wood; Crafting: Hammer, Spear, Holy Staff, Cloth Armor, Plate Headgear
    • Thetford (Swamp) - Refining: Ore; Crafting: Mace, Nature Staff, Fire Staff, Leather Armor, Cloth Headgear

    Here are the old and new bonuses (the first number is the resource return without Focus; the second is the resource return with Focus):

    Location                               Lancelot          Merlyn

    Black Zone Territory          

    Crafting                                   20% / 48%      25% / 48%

    Refining                                   20% / 48%      20% / 46%

    Royal Continent                  

    Base: City + Caerleon            15% / 45%      15% / 44%

    Base: Island                            0% / 35%         0% / 37%

    Royal City                

    Crafting with Bonus                 -                       25% / 48%

    Refining with Bonus                -                       30% / 50%

    Royal Island              

    Crafting with Bonus                 -                       13% / 43%

    Refining with Bonus                -                       20% / 46%