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Stone is a resource that is harvested with a stone hammer of no less than one tier below the tier of the stone being harvested. Harvesting this resource advances the Quarrier skill.

Stone is the only resource that is not available in uncommon, rare or exceptional form. Higher tier regions have higher tier stone resource nodes.

Stone is very common in the highland biome. It can also be found in medium quantities in the mountain biome and in low quantities in the forest biome. Stone can not be found in the steppe biome or the swamp biome

Stone refined at the stonemason building into stone blocks. Stone blocks are used to construct all buildings in Albion Online and as an ingredient when crafting demolition hammers.

List of Stone

Image Harvesting Yield Name Amount per Node Tier Zones Transmutation
T1 rock node image.png Rough Stone.png Stone 2 1 (I) Blue
T2 rock node image.png Limestone.png Limestone 9 2 (II) Blue
T3 rock node image.png Sandstone.png Sandstone 9 3 (III) Blue, Yellow Limestone
T4 rock node image.png Travertine.png Travertine 6 4 (IV) Blue, Yellow, Red Black Sandstone
T5 rock node image.png Granite.png Granite 5 5 (V) Yellow, Red, Black Travertine
T6 rock node image.png Slate.png Slate 5 6 (VI) Red, Black 15×Granite
T7 rock node image.png Basalt.png Basalt 23 7 (VII) Black 25×Slate
T8 rock node image.png Marble.png Marble 27 8 (VIII) Black 42×Basalt

Transmutation Recipes

The transmutation menu at a Stonemason

Various stones can also be gained by using the transmutation process at a stonemason, this process converts stones into the next tier stone.

Tier To get You need
2 [[| ]] [[ | ]] not posible
3 [[| ]] [[ | ]] [[| ]] [[ | ]]
4 [[| ]] [[ | ]] [[| ]] [[ | ]]
5 [[| ]] [[ | ]] [[| ]] [[ | ]]
6 [[| ]] [[ | ]] [[| ]] [[ | ]]

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