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Resource territory icon on world map

Resource Territories, also called Watchtowers, are small areas within zones that are claimable by guilds and contain many harvestable resources. These territories contain resource nodes according to the map biome and offer members of the controlling guild a gathering yield buff (+50%) while inside the territory. Resource territories are protected by guards and a deadly watchtower. The Outland watchtowers used to contain T8 resources that would spawn daily inside the territory, but this was changed with the Nimue update. Territories located near black zone raid zones may still get random T8 spawns inside them as well as random T6 mini resource boss (aspect).

There are 72 Resource territories in Anglia, 36 in Cumbria, and 36 in Mercia.

Territory Ownership

Region map view of resource territory owned by your guild (blue highlight)

At the beginning of each GvG Season and during mid-season resets, all guild ownerships of territories will be lost and taken over by NPC invaders.This serves as a reset day where all guilds can fight to reclaim new territories. Territories can be claimed with silver or fame if not owned by another guild or otherwise fought over in GvG battles. Once a territory has been claimed it must be fed or the guild's claim will be lost.

When viewing a territory on the region map (default keybind N), the color of the territory shows your relationship with its controlling guild. If your guild controls the territory it will be highlighted blue, if a different guild in your alliance controls the territory it will be highlighted purple, and if an enemy guild/alliance controls the territory it will be highlighted red. The territory's guards will not attack you in a blue or purple territory and you are safe to enter and harvest in any resource territory owned by your alliance, but the guards of a red territory will be hostile and attack you if you get too close.

Clicking on the territory's icon on the world map will show the territory's summary information including the name of the controlling guild and any upcoming GvG battles. Owning a resource territory will grant access to a Crystal GvG in which teams fight for season points and other rewards.

Resource territories also contain storage chests and repair tables for members of the controlling alliance to use.

Siphoning Mages

Resource territory information showing daily season points and siphoning mages currently alive

Resource Territories contain Siphoning Mages that generate siphoned energy and season points. A maximum of four mages can be alive in each territory and they can be killed by opposing guilds to steal their siphoned energy and season points. Siphoning Mages are an important target for controlling guilds to defend against raiders due to the season points that they generate while alive.

Once one or more Siphoned Mages of a territory are killed, they respawn in a dynamic interval:

  • First Mage: 1.5 hours with no mages
  • Second Mage: 2 hours after the first mage spawns
  • Third Mage: 3 hours after the second mage spawns
  • Fourth Mage: 6 hours after the third mage spawns

Siphoning Mages award different amounts of season points based on the continent that the territory is in.

Resource Territory Layouts

There are two types of resource territory layouts, both containing up to four mages and a watchtower:

Forest Resource Territory
Mountain Resource Territory