Rites of Spring

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Rites of Spring

Spring has returned to Albion! For the next two weeks, the amount of treasure chests that can be found in the open world has significantly increased. Among these, a special new Spring Treasure Chest can be found. In addition to the treasure found in all open world chests, these special chests have a chance to contain unique Spring items (both old and new)!

Just like other open-world chests, Spring Treasure Chests can be spotted on both the Local Map and the World Map. Each chest is protected from being looted for three minutes, so you can guard it for the duration, or try to quickly loot it before the competition shows up.

As with past years, you can also find Colored Eggs hidden throughout the world. Colored Eggs have had their yield increased, and can also drop the same very unique egg found in the Spring Treasure Chest - though with a much lower probability.

This event took place from April 12 to April 26 of 2022.

New Mount: Spring Cottontail

Among the things you can find during this event is a rare new mount, the Spring Cottontail. This is an extremely fast Tier 8 mount, but despite its rarity it can be found, raised, and ridden by anyone regardless of skill level – even new characters!

All stages of this new mount’s growth are fully tradable, meaning it can be bought and sold on the Marketplace by all players.

Past Spring Items are Back

Vanity Merchants throughout Albion are peddling their Spring wares, and you can again trade Gold and Surprise Eggs for the following items:

  • Eggsecutioner vanity weapon
  • "Bunny Stalker" Armor, Hats, and Backpack
  • Egg-Shaped Chest furniture item
  • Chocolate Bars