Roads of Avalon

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General Information

Roads of Avalon were introduced with the Rise of Avalon update on the 12th of August 2020.

The Roads of Avalon are a network of paths through the ancient kingdom of Avalon, opening up new opportunities for travel and transport, exploration, and placing Hideouts.

Roads of Avalon.png
  • Travel and Transport
    • The Roads of Avalon are accessed via gateways to Avalon that appear and disappear throughout the world, or fast travel to a hideout (more on that later). They have varying lifetimes before disappearing, and allow only a limited number of players to pass through. The Roads lead to numerous other gateways, which open into either the Outlands, the Royal Continent, or other Roads of Avalon zones.
  • Exploration, Treasure, and Resources
    • The area outside the actual Road structure is called the Wilderness of Avalon, and includes forest paths, resource sites, Avalonian camps, and Randomized Dungeon Entrances.
  • Living in Avalon
    • Guilds can now place Hideouts in Avalon at any site with a blue power crystal. Guilds who live in the Roads can avoid much of the politics and territory warfare of the Outlands, but can also be attacked by any other guild who meets attack conditions during the zone's prime time.

Avalonian Portals

To access the roads players must enter a portal or fast travel to a hideout within the Avalon roads.

Avalonian Portals are found in the open world on the Royal continent in Red and Yellow zones, or the Outlands a.k.a. Black zone.

Portals last for a set duration that is random when the portal spawns. For example, some portals close after one hour, while others can last for 10 hours.

When a portal closes, a new portal will open on the road to either another Avalon road or the open world

Portals also have a set number of unique players that can enter them. The color of the portal denotes the capacity of the players it can transport

Types of portals

Green - 2 Player Capacity

Blue - 7 Player Capacity

Yellow - 20 Player Capacity