Royal Armor

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Royal Armor.png

Royal Armor is a type of plate armor. It has the second highest defense of similar item level plate armors, with a +5% bonus to physical and magical damage done, and a +5% bonus to healing done. Royal Armor has a hitpoint regeneration bonus of +210%, an energy regeneration bonus of +2%, and a +45% bonus to CC duration.

Below are the attributes of Royal Armor which change with item level.

Tier Item Level Armor Magic Resistance Hitpoints Energy CC Resistance HP Regen Energy Regen
Adept's 4 800 219 177 297 25 125 3/s 0.38/s
Expert's 5 900 229 186 345 30 138 3.4/s 0.45/s
Master's 6 980 237 193 385 34 148 3.9/s 0.51/s
Grandmaster's 7 1060 245 200 427 38 159 4.3/s 0.58/s
Elder's 8 1120 251 205 460 42 168 4.6/s 0.63/s

First Row Abilities (Active)

Spell Mend Wounds.png
Mend Wounds:
As long as you are not in combat, you can use this spell to mend wounds. Regenerates 4% Health and Energy per second for 12s.
Energy Cost: 0. Cast Time: Channeled. Range: Self. Cooldown: 30s.

Spell Taunt.png
Taunts your enemy, as well as increasing the chance that nearby mobs will attack you. Taunting will also reduce the target's damage by 10% for 3s.
Energy Cost: 18 at Tier IV. Cast Time: Instant. Range: 11m. Cooldown: 10s.

Spell Energy Drain.png
Energy Drain:
A 6m radius energy-draining aura surrounds you for 8s. You and up to 5 allies will steal x energy per second from each enemy inside the aura
Energy Cost: 20 at Tier IV. Cast Time: Instant. Range: self. Cooldown: 1m 00s.
Tier x
Adept's 4 7
Expert's 5 8
Master's 6 9
Grandmaster's 7 9
Elder's 8 10

Second Row Abilities (Passive)

Spell Toughness.png
Incoming damage is reduced by 4.762%

Spell Authority.png
10% increased CC duration.

Spell Tenacity.png
Increases your resistance to movement-impairing effects by x.
Tier x
Adept's 4 20
Expert's 5 22
Master's 6 23
Grandmaster's 7 25
Elder's 8 26

Third Row Abilities (Passive)

Spell Spirit Crush.png
Spirit Crush:
Each normal attack will decrease a creature's Max Health by 12%. (Has no effect against players.)

Spell Protective Instinct.png
Protective Instinct:
Increases Threat Generation by 300%