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Royal Sigils are acquired by completing Expeditions and Hardcore Expeditions. It's also possible to craft Royal Sigils from Arena Sigils.


  • Completing a normal Expedition of tier X awards you one (1) Royal Sigil of tier X once every 24 hours.
  • Completing a Hardcore Expedition in time awards you with one (1) Master's Royal Sigil.


  • Artifact Foundry
    • Craft one (1) Royal Sigil from two (2) Royal Sigil of the inferior tier at the artifact foundry in every cities around the Royal Continent, including Caerleon.
  • Arena Master Joan
    • Craft one (1) Adept, Expert, or Master's Royal Sigil from nine (9) Arena Sigils.

List of Royal Sigils

  • Adept's Royal Sigil
  • Expert's Royal Sigil
  • Master's Royal Sigil
  • Grandmaster's Royal Sigil
  • Elder's Royal Sigil

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