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''(Need information about drop rate/zone)''
''(Need information about drop rate/zone)''
=== Artifact Foundry ===
== Artifact Foundry ==
====== Enchant ======
====== Enchant ======

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Runes are dropped from creatures, bosses and chests all over the world, especially in dungeons.

(Need information about drop rate/zone)

Artifact Foundry


Runes can be used to enchant normal item into uncommon (.1) items at the Artifact Foundry.

  • 24 runes for shoes, heads, offhand, and capes
  • 48 runes for chests and bags
  • 72 runes for one-handed weapons
  • 96 runes for two-handed weapons

Runes can be melted at the Artifact Foundry in Cities (image) into Artifacts for weapons. This is usually known as rolling artifacts.

  • Pay 50 runes and choose between rolling a Warrior, Mage, or Hunter artifact
  • Pay 36 runes and roll within all 3 categories

The following artifacts can be obtained by melting runes;

  • Warrior
    • Ancient Hammer Head (Tombhammer)
    • Lost Crossbow Mechanism (Weeping Repeater)
    • Runed Rock (Bedrock Mace)
    • Bloodforged Blade (Clarent Blade)
    • Morgana Halberd Head (Carrioncaller)
    • Ancient Chain Rings (Graveguard Armor)
    • Ancient Padding (Graveguard Helmet)
    • Ancient Bindings (Graveguard Boots)
    • Ancient Shield Core (Sarcophagus)
  • Mage
    • Lost Arcane Crystal (Witchwork Staff)
    • Lost Cursed Crystal (Lifecurse Staff)
    • Wildfire Orb (Wildfire Staff)
    • Hoarfrost Orb (Hoarfrost Staff)
    • Possessed Scroll (Lifetouch Staff)
    • Druidic Feathers (Druid Armor)
    • Druidic Preserved Beak (Druid Cowl)
    • Druidic Bindings (Druid Sandals)
    • Alluring Crystal (Eye of Secrets)
  • Hunter
    • Keeper Spearhead (Heron Spear)
    • Hardened Debole (Bloodletter)
    • Ghastly Arrows (Whispering Bow)
    • Reinforced Morgana Role (Black Monk Staves)
    • Druidic Inscriptions (Druidic Staff)
    • Imbued Leather Folds (Stalker Jacket)
    • Imbued Visor (Stalker Hood)
    • Imbued Soles (Stalker Shoes)
    • Runed Horn (Mistcaller)

It is possible to upgrade runes into souls. (Need more information)

Usually distinguished as "Rune Artifacts" "Soul Artifacts" and "Relic Artifacts", these crafting ingredients are part the recipe of the most powerful weapons in Albion.

Runes can also be used for..

List of Runes

  • Adept's Rune
  • Expert's Rune
  • Master's Rune
  • Grandmaster's Rune
  • Elder's Rune