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Runes are dropped from creatures, bosses and chests all over the world, especially in dungeons.

(Need information about drop rate/zone)

Artifact Foundry

It to possible to use runes to enchant items, meld artifacts, and transmute runes at the artifact foundry. An artifact foundry can be found in all cities around the royal continent, including Caerleon.


Runes can be used to enchant normal item (flat) into uncommon (.1) items at the Artifact Foundry.


Runes can be melted at the Artifact Foundry in Cities (image) into Artifacts used for crafting rare items. This is usually known as rolling artifacts.

  • Pay 50 runes and choose between rolling a Warrior, Mage, or Hunter artifact
  • Pay 36 runes and roll within all 3 categories

The following artifacts can be obtained by melting runes;


Transmute is used to upgrade runes' tier or transform runes into souls.

  • Pay 5 runes of an inferior tier to craft 1 rune. (Ex. Five (5) T4 runes can be transformed into one (1) T5 rune)
  • Pay 20 runes to craft 1 soul of the same tier. (Ex. Twenty (20) T5 runes can be transformed into one (1) T5 soul)

List of Runes

  • Adept's Rune T4
  • Expert's Rune T5
  • Master's Rune T6
  • Grandmaster's Rune T7
  • Elder's Rune T8