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Shield Fighter is a node on the Destiny Board. The previous node to unlock Shield Fighter is Journeyman Warrior.


Normal Shield Fighter Weapons

Once unlocked, the following weapons can be used:

Standard Weapons: Crafted using common resources, these weapons tend to be much easier to obtain than Artifact Weapons.

Weapon Type
  Shield Off-Hand

Artifact Shield Fighter Weapons

Artifact Weapons: Require specific artifact items to craft, start with higher Item Power than Standard Weapons, and benefit less from Enchantment Levels.

Weapon Type Crafted Using Base IP Bonus
  Caitiff Shield Off-Hand   Infernal Shield Core (Rune Artifact) +1 tier
  Sarcophagus Off-Hand   Ancient Shield Core (Soul Artifact) +2 tiers
  Facebreaker Off-Hand   Bloodforged Spikes (Relic Artifact) +3 tiers