Silver Colossus Beetle

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Silver Colossus Beetle

Battle Mount - can stir up dust around enemies. Have you been doing your part?
53.2 kg
Item value

Silver Colossus Beetle

A Silver Colossus Beetle is a Tier 6 mount.

  • The Silver Colossus Beetle cannot be crafted
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle is disabled in GvG competition
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle has four Unique abilities (only one spell may be active at a time): Defensive Blow, Onslaught, Beetle Buzz, and Flight
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle Item Quality cannot be increased
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle was received as a Season Reward for Gold Rank guild members at the end of GvG Season 7


Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Weight Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Armor Magical Resistance CC Resistance Max Load
6.0 900 8785 53.2kg % % 391 391 220 393kg

Silver Colossus Beetle has three fighting abilities and one for movement.

Defensive Blow
Energy Cost 9 Attack the targeted enemy, dealing 172 physical damage. Decreases Crowd Control resistances by 20% for 8s (stacks up to 3 times).

Increases the Defence of up to 20 allies within a 12m radius around you by 13.043% for 8s.

Cast Time 0s
Range 4m
Radius 12m
Cooldown 5s



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