Silver Colossus Beetle

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Silver Colossus Beetle

Battle Mount - can stir up dust around enemies. Have you been doing your part?
53.2 kg
Item value

Silver Colossus Beetle

A Silver Colossus Beetle is a Tier 6 mount.

  • The Silver Colossus Beetle cannot be crafted
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle is disabled in GvG competition
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle has four Unique abilities (only one spell may be active at a time): Defensive Blow, Onslaught, Beetle Buzz, and Flight
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle Item Quality cannot be increased
  • The Silver Colossus Beetle was received as a Season Reward for Gold Rank guild members at the end of GvG Season 7


Tier Item Power Mount Hit Points Weight Move Speed Bonus Gallop Move Speed Bonus Armor Magical Resistance CC Resistance Max Load
6.0 900 8785 53.2kg % % 391 391 220 393kg

Silver Colossus Beetle has three fighting abilities and one for movement. Those abilities are similar to every Colossus Beetele (ony damage is different).

Defensive Blow
Energy Cost 9 Attack the targeted enemy, dealing 172 physical damage. Decreases Crowd Control resistances by 20% for 8s (stacks up to 3 times).

Increases the Defence of up to 20 allies within a 12m radius around you by 13.043% for 8s.

Cast Time 0s
Range 4m
Radius 12m
Cooldown 5s

Energy Cost 33 Fly toward the targeted position becoming immune to any debuffs, Crowd Control effects, and damage until impact.

Leaves behind a 8m wide trail that lasts 3s. Increases move speed of all Allies touching trail once by 50% for 6s.

Deals 220 physical damage in a 6m radius arround the targeted position upon impact. Knocks all enemies hit in the air for 0.64s.

Cast Time 0.5s
Range 20m
Radius 6m
Cooldown 30s

Beetle Buzz
Energy Cost 44 Keeps whirling up sand and dust in a 10m radius around you, slowing enemies by 10% and silencing them.
Cast Time 0.5s and 5s channeling
Range self
Cooldown 30s

Energy Cost 0 Increases your move speed by 80% for the duration of the channel. Reduces your resistances by 66.667% and crowd control resistance by 200% while flying. You will be silenced for 4s after the Flight ends.
Cast Time 0.5s
Range self
Cooldown 15s



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