Skinning Knife

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List of Skinning Knifes

Beginner's Skinning Knife

Novice's Skinning Knife

Journeyman's Skinning Knife

Adept's Skinning Knife

Expert's Skinning Knife

Master's Skinning Knife

Grandmaster's Skinning Knife

Elder's Skinning Knife

Icon Name Tier Gathers Crafting Cost Weight
Beginner's Skinning Knife I T1 - T2 3 x Rough Logs.png Rough Logs

3 x Rough Stone.png Rough Stone

Novice's Skinning Knife II T1 - T3 6 x Birch Plank.png Birch Plank

2 x Copper Bar.png Copper Bar

Journeyman's Skinning Knife III T1 - T4 6 x Chestnut Plank.png Chestnut Plank

2 x Bronze Bar.png Bronze Bar

Adept's Skinning Knife IV T1 - T5 6 x Pine Plank.png Pine Plank

2 x Steel Bar.png Steel Bar

Expert's Skinning Knife V T1 - T6 6 x Cedar Plank.png Cedar Plank

2 x Titanium Steel Bar.png Titanium Steel Bar

Master's Skinning Knife VI T1 - T7 6 x Bloodoak Plank.png Bloodoak Plank

2 x Runite Steel Bar.png Runite Steel Bar

Grandmaster's Skinning Knife VII T1 - T8 6 x Ashenbark Planks.png Ashenbark Planks

2 x Meteorite Steel Bar.png Meteorite Steel Bar

Elder's Skinning Knife VIII T1 - T8.3 6 x Whitewood Plank.png Whitewood Plank

2 x Adamantium Steel Bar.png Adamantium Steel Bar