Small towns

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Small towns

Small towns are safe Blue Zones located in the middle of the Outlands. There are three Small towns: Arthur's Rest, Merlyn's Rest, and Morgana's Rest.

General Information

Set-home board at the north-east of Arthur's Rest

Small towns include 35 building plots that can be acquired and built upon by the players.

Each small town offers an Invisibility Shrine so that you may exit undetected.

Small towns do not qualify as the last visited city for the "Last City" respawn option. Players wishing to respawn in a small town must set the location as home, using the town's set-home board.

Available Services

Elder's Repair Station

Elder's Artifact Foundry

Energy Manipulator

Expedition Master


Player Bank

Travel Planner (no luggage allowed)

Local Production Bonuses

Small towns include local production bonuses of +15% Refining, +18% Crafting, and +15% to additional town-specific crafts. You can view the specific bonuses for each town on their wiki page.