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== Solo Randomized Dungeons ==
#REDIRECT [[Solo Randomized Dungeons]]
[[File:Undead Lacedon Acidic Waste Pools.png|right|frameless]]
'''Solo Randomized Dungeons''' are locations (intended for 1-2 players) full of valuable treasure and dangerous enemies, providing great rewards to those who can fight their way through them. They are found all throughout the world in zones of Tier 3 and above, but aren't visible on the map and don't stay in the same places for long. Their challenges and rewards match the tier of the zone they are found in.
These dungeons are created procedurally based on numerous parameters, influencing the mob types, layout, and quality of loot found within. Each dungeon lasts only for a limited time, and is accessible to any player who discovers it, providing an incentive to clear them out quickly and completely. In addition to their unpredictable structures, these realms feature special [[Shrine|shrines]] and dungeon [[chests]].
[[File:Entrance of a Solo Randomized Dungeon.png|alt=Entrance of a Solo Randomized Dungeon|thumb|Entrance of a Solo Randomized Dungeon]]
== Hidden Entrances ==
Hidden Entrances are the gateways to these dungeons. As their locations are not revealed on the minimap and they are detectable by all players, they bring spontaneity and unpredictability to Albion's [[Open World|open world]]. More difficult versions of Hidden Entrances can also be accessed via [[Dungeon Maps]], which offer you or your party first rights to an otherwise unseen entrance, that lead to dungeons of greater-than-normal difficulty and rewards.
The tier of the mobs inside of Hidden Entrances depends on the tier of the map in which they are found.
Dungeon entrances found in a Blue Zone or Yellow Zone disappear 60 seconds after the most recent player has entered the dungeon while ones found in a Red Zone or Black Zone disappear 90 seconds after the most recent player has entered.
=== Types of Dungeons ===
There are 4 types of Dungeons:
* [[Morgana Dungeon]]
* [[Heretic Dungeon]]
* [[Undead Dungeon]]
* [[Keeper Dungeon]]
The visual design of the Hidden Entrance is similar the same for a given [[Biome]]. You will see the [[NPC Factions|Faction]] when you go inside.

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