Solo Randomized Dungeons

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Solo Randomized Dungeons

Solo Randomized Dungeons are a new type of Randomized Dungeons introduced with the Percival update.

Alike with the normal Randomized Dungeons they are accessible through distinct entrances and can contain either of the faction mobs: Heretic, Morgana, Undead, Keeper. They can be found in the Open World or revealed by consuming a Dungeon Map They will contain bosses, chests and shrines similar to the group randomized dungeons.

The Solo Randomized Dungeons presents new challenges to the players in the form of:

  • spawner NPC
  • trap-like static opponents
  • exploding enemies

A particular feature of the Solo Randomized Dungeons is the existence of Small Combat Shrines. The Small Combat Shrines add a buff to the first person to use it which is beneficial both in pve and pvp encounters.

When a player enters a Solo Randomized Dungeon in a blue or yellow zone and no other player uses the portal in a certain time, the entry portal will disappear while the player is still inside the dungeon. Players already inside the dungeon can remain inside and can use the exit or A-ability to leave, but no new players will be able to enter.