Solo Randomized Dungeons

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Solo Randomized Dungeons

Desert Solo Randomized Dungeon

Solo Randomized Dungeons are a type of Randomized Dungeons introduced with the Percival update meant for 1-2 players. Similar to normal Randomized Dungeons, they are instanced locations full of valuable treasure and dangerous enemies. They are found all throughout the world in zones of Tier 3 and above, but have no map or minimap indicator. Their challenges and rewards match the tier of the zone they are found in.

Hidden Entrances

Mountain Solo Randomized Dungeon

Hidden Entrances are the gateways to these dungeons. As their locations are not revealed on the map or minimap and are visible to all players, they bring spontaneity and unpredictability to Albion's Open World. Harder types of Hidden Entrances can also be accessed via Dungeon Maps, which offer a party first rights to an otherwise unseen entrance, that lead to dungeons of greater-than-normal difficulty and rewards.

Unlike other other Randomized Dungeons, the instance type and Faction of the enemies inside cannot be determined from the outside.

The tier of the mobs inside of Hidden Entrances depends on the tier of the Zone the dungeon is found in. The exceptions are Hidden Entrances spawning inside of large Static Dungeons (the ones visible on the World Map); these are always one tier higher than the Static Dungeon they are located in.

When a player enters a Solo Randomized Dungeon, an invisible timer starts or resets which determines when the Hidden Entrance disappears. In a Blue Zone or Yellow Zone, the Hidden Entrance will disappear 60 seconds after the last player entered the dungeon. In a Red Zone or a Black Zone, the Hidden Entrance will disappear 90 seconds after the last player entered the dungeon. If a Hidden Entrance disappears while a player is inside the dungeon, the player is unaffected and can continue the dungeon or leave by means of the portal exit at the beginning of the dungeon or by using the "Exit Dungeon" skill.

Any given Zone has a maximum number of Hidden Entrances allowed to coexist though the locations they can appear at are fixed. After a Hidden Entrance despawns, it's possible for another Hidden Entrance to spawn where one had de-spawned moments before. These entrances will lead to separate instances.


Having no interior visual or design difference from Randomized Dungeons, Solo Randomized Dungeons come in 4 factions: Hidden Mines (Heretic), Hidden Sanctum (Morgana), Hidden Keep (Undead), and Hidden Caverns (Keeper). The difficulty of each enemy inside is scaled similarly to enemies found in the Open World.

The Solo Randomized Dungeons presents challenges to the players in the form of:

  • Traps
  • Enemies able to explode or spawn other enemies
  • Multiple bosses


Solo Randomized Dungeons are punctuated with increased difficulty, single or paired enemies called Bosses which guard Chests or Shrines. The rewards within the chests are scaled to provide rewards for a single person.

Unique to Solo Randomized Dungeons is the existence of Small Combat Shrines. One of three possible buffs are given to the first player to activate the Small Combat Shrines: cooldown reduction with energy regeneration, increased damage to mobs with increased move speed, or health regeneration with a small amount of damage reflection.

Recent Changes

  • Solo Randomized Dungeon entrance appearance has been updated to the cave-like entryway used in Corrupted Dungeons.
  • Solo Randomized Dungeons in red and black zones now behave like those in blue and yellow zones, and will close a set amount of time after the last person enters.
  • Solo Randomized Dungeons in red and black zones will still take longer to close than those in yellow and blue zones (90 seconds vs. 60 seconds).
  • Elite Dungeon mob changes:
    • Tainted Shadows killed too far away from the Priestess will now heal her instead of damaging her
    • Tainted Shadow move speed: 7.5 m/s → 5.5 m/s
    • Tainted Shadow attack damage: -50%
    • Tainted Shadow crowd control resistance: -50%
  • As always, a dungeon's type can be determined by the color of its glow:
    • Solo: Green
    • Group: Blue
    • Corrupted: Red/orange
    • Elite (Avalonian): White