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Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Adjusted Heretic and expedition chests:
    • Solo expedition chest silver values increased by around 2x
    • Group expedition chest silver values increased by around 2.5x
    • Added equipment loot drops from the Black Market
    • Increased health values to around the same health range as a T2-T3 mob (300-500)
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Expeditions
    • Two new group expeditions have been added at Tier 6, one battling the Undead and the other pitted against the Cultists of Morgana
    • The existing T5 group expeditions now also have solo versions
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Expeditions:
    • Now have a gear cap dependent on tier, with the soft cap kicking in around one tier above the expedition's tier
    • Now have a cooldown:
      • After starting an expedition, you cannot join another one for ten minutes
      • This timer is reduced if you join an already-running expedition: the time the expedition has already been running is subtracted from the timer
      • This is done to improve the relative attractiveness of open world gameplay vs expedition, by reducing the maximum number of expeditions a player can run per hour; this will not fully balance things on its own but it's a step in the correct direction