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Patch LinkDatePatch NamePatch Notes
28 September 2017Joseph Hotfix
  • Kills/Deaths from arena matches will not be listed in the Killboard anymore.
27 September 2017Joseph Update
  • Arena
    • Added the Arena as an instanced 5v5 combat area that can be accessed globally from blue and yellow zones (except unrestricted PvP areas), your guild's territory or via the Arena Master. Remove tickets from the enemy team by capturing Runestones or killing enemy players to win the match
    • A matchmaking algorithm matches players of equal combat performance against each other. Players can queue solo or as a group
    • A full group must have four fighters (Tank or Damage) and one healer
    • Gear requirements for the Arena are the same as for a T4 expedition (ie average of 700 Item Power)
    • Gear scaling will give players with weaker equipment a better chance to compete against better-equipped opponents
    • New Runestone mechanics: Runestone capture points are on cooldown when the match starts. After being captured, they remain uncapturable until the last Runestone in the Arena is captured; after a short cooldown they become capturable again
    • Stronger warcamps: the healing and energy regeneration in the Arena is strongly increased compared to GvG warcamps
    • Player death in the Arena doesn't remove items, item durability or silver from the player
    • Added the Arena Master to every major city to access the Arena, or to exchange Arena Sigils for arena-specific rewards
    • Added Arena Sigils. These can be earned for your first 3 wins each day in the Arena
    • Added Arena rewards which can be purchased with Arena Sigils. These include two unique mounts, three capes, three pieces of furniture, and a set of vanity armor. Players can also trade their Sigils for Royal Sigils