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== '''Mobs and NPCs''' ==
== '''Mobs and NPCs''' ==
[[Hill Marmot]]
[[Has mob::Hill Marmot]]
[[Mature Rock Elemental]]
[[Has mob::Mature Rock Elemental]]
[[Obsessed Archfiend]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Archfiend]]
[[Obsessed Aspirant]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Aspirant]]
[[Obsessed Champion]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Champion]]
[[Obsessed Conjurer]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Conjurer]]
[[Obsessed Crossbowman]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Crossbowman]]
[[Obsessed Cultist]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Cultist]]
[[Obsessed Fiend]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Fiend]]
[[Obsessed Footman]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Footman]]
[[Obsessed Guard Dog]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Guard Dog]]
[[Obsessed Knight]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Knight]]
[[Obsessed Squire]]
[[Has mob::Obsessed Squire]]
[[Rock Elemental]]
[[Has mob::Rock Elemental]]
[[Sentry Mage]]
[[Has mob::Sentry Mage]]
[[Watchtower Guard]]
[[Has mob::Watchtower Guard]]
[[Watchtower Sentry]]
[[Has mob::Watchtower Sentry]]
[[Category:Black Zone]]
[[Category:Black Zone]]

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Stonelake Hillock

Zone type
4 - 6
Enh. rates
Connected to
Farshore Heath
Dryvein Oasis
Stonelake Fields
Prime time
1500 - 1900 UTC


General Information

Stonelake Hillock is a Black Zone located in the Outlands

Stonelake Hillock contains the claimable resource territory Stonelake Hillock Grange

Players will find the static dungeons in Stonelake Hillock

Players may place Hideouts in Stonelake Hillock

Stonelake Hillock allows for a Local Production Bonus

Points of Interest

Players may enter a Road to Avalon from Stonelake Hillock

Stonelake Hillock contains a Castle Outpost

Local Production Bonuses

Refining +18%

  • Hide +9%

Crafting +25%

  • Axe +21%
  • Quarterstaff +21%
  • Frost Staff +21%
  • Plate Shoes +21%
  • Off-Hand +21%

Available Resources


Mobs and NPCs

Hill Marmot

Mature Rock Elemental

Obsessed Archfiend

Obsessed Aspirant

Obsessed Champion

Obsessed Conjurer

Obsessed Crossbowman

Obsessed Cultist

Obsessed Fiend

Obsessed Footman

Obsessed Guard Dog

Obsessed Knight

Obsessed Squire

Rock Elemental

Sentry Mage

Watchtower Guard

Watchtower Sentry