Tame Animals

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General Information

In order to grow some mounts, the baby is required to nurture it to an adult. The mob drop rates below have been confirmed by the SBI development team.

Mob Drop Rates

Mob Name Baby Name Drop Chance
Giant Stag Adept's Fawn 0.48%
Sabretooth Tiger Swiftclaw Cub 1.28%
Mistcougar T5 Swiftclaw Cub 1.28%
Veteran Mistcougar T5 Swiftclaw Cub 6.4%
Elite Mistcougar T5 Swiftclaw Cub 14%
Direwolf Direwolf Pup 0.48%
Moose Moose Calf 0.48%
Mistcougar T6 Swiftclaw Cub 1.53%
Veteran Mistcougar T6 Swiftclaw Cub 7.68%
Elite Mistcougar T6 Swiftclaw Cub 16.89%
Swamp Dragon Swamp Dragon Pup 0.12%
Feral Boar Direboar Piglet 0.05%
Direboar Direboar Piglet 1.2%
Mature Sabertooth Tiger Swiftclaw Cub 1.84%
Mistcougar T7 Swiftclaw Cub 1.84%
Veteran Mistcougar T7 Swiftclaw Cub 9.21%
Elite Mistcougar T7 Swiftclaw Cub 20.27%
Feral Bear Direbear Cub 0.01%
Direbear Direbear Cub 0.28%
Mammoth Mammoth Calf 0.01%
Ancient Mammoth Mammoth Calf 0.28%
Old White's Aspect Mammoth Calf 36.4000%
Alpha Mistcougar T8 Swiftclaw Cub 2.21%
Veteran Mistcougar T8 Swiftclaw Cub 11.05%
Elite Mistcougar T8 Swiftclaw Cub 24.33%