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The Ability Page template creates a complete standalone page for an Ability. It copies the standard layout onto the desired page and uses the Ability Info Template to dynamically generate an info table that can be directly referenced by other pages on the wiki. This means that the ability's info can be easily inserted onto another page, and when the ability's main page is updated (after a balance patch, for example) ALL other pages that reference it are instantly updated as well.

You should ALWAYS use this template for individual Ability pages by following the Usage steps below. Doing so ensures that every page follows the same format and uses the dynamic info table. Please reach out to our community in the #wiki-discussion channel of the Albion Discord server if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this template.


  1. Copy the full text below.
  2. On the target page, use the EDIT SOURCE editor to delete EVERYTHING, then paste the copied text.
  3. Fill out each line. All entries are case sensitive, and all number values should use values for gear with 1060 Item Power. The ability name should always have every word capitalized. For passive abilities, delete the lines for energy cost, cast time, etc., unless applicable. Be sure to NOT delete the closing "}}" square brackets.
    • For equipment tree, use the plural common weapon name as seen in the List of Equipment Categories, including capitalization.
    • If the ability is unique to the item (such as an E slot weapon ability), delete the line for level unlocked. You'll need to manually add the name of the item after saving the page.
  4. Save your edits and confirm that everything looks correct.
{{subst:Ability Page
| ability name = (name in Title Caps)
| type = ("active"/"passive")
| ability slot = ("first"/"second"/"third"/"fourth")
| equipment tree = (equipment tree that has the ability)
| level unlocked = (node level that unlocks this ability)
| energy cost = (#)
| cast time = (#s)
| range = (#m)
| cooldown = (#s)
| description = (full effect description)


For the Energy Bolt ability page,

{{subst:Ability Page
| ability name = Energy Bolt
| type = active
| ability slot = first
| equipment tree = Arcane Staffs
| level unlocked = 1
| energy cost = '''6'''
| cast time = 1.2s
| range = 11m
| cooldown = 0s
| description = Deals magic damage to a single enemy. When targeting a player, deals more damage the less energy the target has.

Against players:
* Minimum damage (above 80% energy): '''297'''
* Maximum damage (below 20% energy): '''428'''
Against creatures:
* Always deals '''329''' damage

becomes THIS:

Energy Bolt

An active ability found on the first slot of Arcane Staffs. It is unlocked at mastery level 1.

Energy Bolt
Energy Cost 6 Deals magic damage to a single enemy. When targeting a player, deals more damage the less energy the target has.

Against players:

  • Minimum damage (above 80% energy): 297
  • Maximum damage (below 20% energy): 428

Against creatures:

  • Always deals 329 damage
Cast Time 1.2s
Range 11m
Cooldown 0s

Note: numerical values are based on gear with 1060 item power. Affected values are in bold.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.