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| vendetta's wrath = Great Fire Staff
| vendetta's wrath = Great Fire Staff
| rosalia's diary = Tome of Spells
| rosalia's diary = Tome of Spells
| knuckles = War Gloves
| {{{1}}}
| {{{1}}}

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This template is used to stamp many category names as STANDARD. As such, changing this template will cause massive propagation changes if existing values are altared. Please consult Clemmie, Blkandwhtlion or other Wiki Guardians before making changes to this template.


To be used mostly within templates that manipulate game driven imports such as shop category, shop sub category, and unique names. This template will translate them to the reader friendly version which is also the chosen standard. For uniquely named items, it returns the standard item name for that item rather than the unique name.


{{Ao standard name|Ridinghorse}}
=Riding Horse
{{Ao standard name|Cursedstaff}}
=Cursed Staff
{{Ao standard name|Cursestaff}}
=Cursed Staff
{{Ao standard name|Rare mount}}
=Rare mount
{{Ao standard name|Rosalia's Diary}}
=Tome of Spells
{{Ao standard name|The Hand of Khor}}
{{Ao standard name|Vendetta's Wrath}}
=Great Fire Staff
{{Ao standard name|Knuckles}}
=War Gloves

With the latest update, multiple replacements are now supported:

{{Ao standard name|cursedstaff,Cursedstaff,knuckles}}