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           | Splitting Slash =SPLITTINGSLASH
           | Splitting Slash =SPLITTINGSLASH
           | Parry Strike=PARRY  
           | Parry Strike=PARRY  
          | Life Leech (Axes)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_AXE
          | Life Leech (Daggers)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_DAGGER
          | Life Leech (Hammers)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_HAMMER
          | Life Leech (Maces)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_MACE
          | Life Leech (Quarterstaffs)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_QUARTERSTAFF
          | Life Leech (Spears)=PASSIVE_HEALTHCHANCE_SPEAR
           | Increased Defence (Axes)=PASSIVE_ARMORCHANCE_AXE<!--
           | Increased Defence (Axes)=PASSIVE_ARMORCHANCE_AXE<!--
     Mount Abilities here:
     Mount Abilities here:

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This template displays an ability's icon and name formatted as a link to the relevant page. It has various options for icon size, displaying text next to or underneath the icon, and customizing text displayed and/or the page it links to. Importantly, this template includes a fix for some icons that don't display correctly when directly using the <aospell> API call.

All icons are pulled directly from the Albion game engine via its API; if you notice any icons missing or incorrect, please let us know on the Trello tracking page (requires a Trello account to comment) or in the #wiki-discussion channel of the Albion Discord server. For any other questions or comments, please reach out to our community in the #wiki-discussion channel.

See Also

For some pages you may want to insert the full description of an ability's effects. To do this, use the {{:ABILITY_NAME}} template (make sure to include the colon before the name). This will insert a table--including name, icon, ability description, energy cost, cooldown, etc--that also links to the main page for that ability.


Basic Usage:


or simply:


This will display the icon for ABILITY_NAME at standard size with ABILITY_NAME next to it, and link to the ABILITY_NAME page.


  • All names are case sensitive. Always put names in Title Caps (every word capitalized).
  • If using the shortened version (omitting name=) with any optional parameters, make sure to put ABILITY_NAME first.

{{aospell|name=Aggressive Caster}}
 Aggressive Caster


Optional Parameters - Overview

General Options
size= small / inline
medium / standard
large / standalone
extra large / full
text below= yes or no
Customization Options
text= CUSTOM_TEXT or none
page link= PAGE_NAME

General Options

| size = ICON_SIZE
| text below = "yes"/"no"

These options let you pick the size of the icon, and whether the text is shown next to or below the icon. By default, icons are set to "medium" size and text is inline with the icon.


{{aospell|name=Reawaken | size=small}}
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | size=medium}}
{{aospell | name=Reawaken | size=large}}
{{aospell | name=Reawaken | size=extra large}}
Text Below
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | text below=no}}  Reawaken
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | text below=yes}}

Customization Options

| text = CUSTOM_TEXT
| page link = PAGE_TITLE

These options let you customize the text that accompanies the icon and the page the whole thing links to. If text is set to none (case sensitive), then no text will be displayed at all. Note that, because the icon is also a link, you can still use text=none (icon only) with custom page links if desired.


No Text
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | text=none}}
Custom Text
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | text=Revive Spell}}  Revive Spell
Custom Page Link
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | page link=Holy Staff}}  Reawaken
{{aospell |name=Reawaken | text=Healing Spells | page link=Holy Staff}}  Healing Spells