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The world is divided into two continents, Royal Continent and Outlands. Each continent is divided into regions commonly referred to as zones. Each zone may be further divided into territories. Territories are used in GvG warfare can be claimed by guilds for an amount of silver and fame. Territories provide a variety of benefits depending on the specific territory in question. Not every zone will contain claimable territories.

Benefits of Owning Land

If you’re seeking to own your own plot of land (or dozens of them), there are many available for the taking throughout the lands of Albion. If you choose to embark on this journey, however, be prepared to become embroiled in a world of war and politics, as there are many guilds seeking to do the same and will oppose you to attain their own glory.

A Source of War Resources

Owning these territory plots is vital for guilds looking to wage war with one another, as the territories provide the best access to the resources you will need to sustain your engagements. In addition, these territories can help establish your domain in certain areas and provide you with a base of operations from which to launch raids and sorties.

The Territory-Claiming Process

Guilds can pay for territories with Silver or Fame. Be wary, however: there will likely be others looking to do the same, and territories can only be purchased during the “Prime time” of the zone (the time in which GvG attacks may occur). If the territory you are looking to conquer has already been claimed by another guild, you will need to engage them in a GvG battle for the rights to the territory. You can place a GvG attack from an adjacent territory you control, or from a siege camp that is connected to it. Once you’ve claimed your territory, make sure you remember to feed it, or you will lose control of the territory and it will be open for purchase by other guilds.

Types of Territories

Cities - The major cities in Albion can be controlled by a guild. The controlling guild receives a portion of the taxes collected by the city at the end of the Auction period. Every City in Albion is within the Royal Continent, there are 6 of them; Lymhurst, Martlock, Thetford, Fort Sterling, Bridgewatch and Caerleon.

Home Territories - These are large plots of land that guilds can live on. There are multiple building plots on which guild halls, crafting stations and other buildings can be placed. These territories can be made into safe zones for the controlling guild, preventing other players from entering them. There are 24 home territories in Anglia, 12 in Cumbria, and 12 in Mercia.

Farm Territories - On these plots are many farms accessible to the controlling guild in order to help maintain food costs. These plots are protected by NPC guards and a deadly watchtower in the center. There are 19 Farm Territories on the Royal Continent, 24 in Anglia, 12 in Cumbria, and 12 in Mercia.

Resource Terrtories - These territories contain many farmable resources. These territories offer their owners a gathering yield buff while inside the territory and are protected by guards and a deadly watchtower. There are 13 Resource Territories on the Royal Continent 72 in Anglia, 36 in Cumbria, and 36 in Mercia.


The Territory Advantage

There are many benefits to owning or being in an alliance with owners of a territory.

  1. These spaces are safe havens in full loot zones. They are patrolled by Guards with high damage and health pools that do not turn aggressive to allies. They can be used to run from enemies, or log out safely in a zone.
  2. They have bank storage. You can store materials you are gathering here, extending how long you can remain in zone. You can store equipment here to quickly change sets and join the action. You can store your current equipment here and /suicide to get to town quicker. You can safely store that loot you just got and continue on your journey. You can place a repair table and always have somewhere to repair nearby. Storage offers wonderful advantages.
  3. You can re spawn at the nearest one. An option on death is to re spawn at the nearest territory. Died in a ZvZ? Re spawning at a nearby territory, gearing up with gear you'd stored there, and get back into the action.
  4. Watchtower plots are full of resources, and allies get a gathering bonus while gathering inside a territory.