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Thetford is a city, located in Mearepools, in the north-west of the Royal Continent. Thetford is surrounded by the Swamp biome. It's safe zone where you cannot lose any equipement or die. * In Thetford you may find the following things: Player Bank, Marketplace (which is not shared between cities) and Realmgate (which allows you to go to the Outlands).

* Except suicide command.

The city has 80 plots where players can place buildings. For the details of the city-plot mechanics see this article.

Crafting Bonuses

As in any other city, Thetford gives extra resource return rate (+15%) to:

  • maces,
  • nature staves,
  • fire staves,
  • leather armors,
  • cloth helmets.

And refine bonus (+40%) for Ore


You may find there the following NPCs:

World Map Icon and Location

Thetford icon.png Royal continent.png