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General Information

Below you will find the links to current Tutorials and Guides.

Beginner's Guides via the official Albion website is a good resource for new players. Since it is so important for a new player to be able to access these starter guides, here is a short link for sharing in-game conveniently. http://bit.ly/albionguide (even posting bit.ly/albionguide works).

Beginning players will also find the Beginner's Question Forum useful for tips.

Tutorial Notes

  • You will not be able to use game chat until you have completed the Tutorial
  • The Lighthouse is a solo experience. You will be able to join up with your friends after you complete it.
  • Your character will enter the Tutorial with a Beginner's Mercenary Jacket and Beginner's Mercenary Shoes (both are Tier 1)
  • When doing the Tutorial, you will often see white circles on the ground to guide you to the correct location
  • To equip items, open your inventory and drag the item to the spot on your character

Tutorial Outline

Zone Name Quest Obtained From Quest Steps and Notes
The Lighthouse The First Step Entering Tutorial Find a way off the beach
Get to the vantage point (stay in the circle until it completes)
Talk to the survivor (the Wounded Crafter)
The Lighthouse Information is Key Wounded Crafter Climb the lighthouse. Make sure to click the chest at the top of the lighthouse
Look for the ship
Check the bridge for enemies
Use the "Sprint" ability by pressing F
Return to the Wounded Crafter
The Lighthouse Sticks and Stones Wounded Crafter Gather Rough Stone (you will need 6)
Gather Rough Logs (you will need 6)
Return to the Wounded Crafter
The Lighthouse Sword and Shield Wounded Crafter Go to the Blacksmith
Craft a Beginner's Sword (to craft, click on the Makeshift Warrior's Force, click on the Beginner's Broadsword and select Craft)
Open your inventory (default shortcut is I)
Equip your sword
Select a spell on your sword (Heroic Strike or Heroic Cleave)
Return to the Wounded Crafter
The Lighthouse Through the Gate Wounded Crafter Open your inventory and equip the shield (Beginner's Shield)
Go to the gate and get ready for the fight (gate will open automatically after you have been in the circle for 3 seconds)
Kill your first enemy (left click on the Strange Thief to auto attack or use Q on your Beginner's Broadsword to attack. The mobs will drop Silver once you kill them)
Kill the rest of the Heretics on the bridge. (Once you have killed all the Strange Thief NPC's on the bridge, you will complete Notice Adventurer on the Destiny Board and unlock Journeyman Adventurer)
Get to the ship and find the rest of the crew (look for the gold circle on the mini map - you will zone at this stage to the Hideout. Once in the Hideout, proceed to the white circle to complete the quest)
Hideout Captain Tia Captain Tia Speak with Captain Tia in the Hideout
Hideout First Things First Captain Tia Buy a mount (cost is around 3 silver) at the Marketplace. (Note, you will be purchasing a Novice's Mule which will be in your inventory once purchased. Once equipped, press A to ride your mount)
Find the Wounded Crafter in the Hideout
Hideout The Right Tools Crafter Silas You must acquire 1 of the Beginner's Pickaxe (you will do this at the Makeshift Toolmaker and will need 3 Rough Logs and 3 Rough Stone)
You must acquire 1 of the Beginner's Axe (you will also need 3 Rough Logs and 3 Rough Stone)
Return to Crafter Silas in the Hideout
Hideout Know Your Place Crafter Silas Open the world map by pressing the button or using the hotkey (shortcut by default is M)
Return to Crafter Silas in the Hideout
Hideout Gathering - Wood and Hide Crafter Silas Go into the forest (you will zone into the Forgotten Woods)
Find and gather Birch Logs
Find and gather Rugged Hide from foxes
Return to the camp and talk to Silas
Hideout Gathering - Ore and Fiber Crafter Silas Find and gather Copper Ore (you will zone into Mountain Fort)
Find and gather Cotton Fiber
Return to the camp and talk to Silas
Hideout Refining Crafter Silas Go to the Smelter and refine your Copper Ore into Copper Bars
Go to the Tanner and refine your Rugged Hide into Stiff Leather
Go to the Lumbermill and refine your Birch Logs into Birch Planks
Go to the Weaver and refine your Cotton into Simple Cloth
Use your resources to repair the ship (click on the ship. To add resources, click on the + under each resource)
Speak with Captain Tia in the Hideout
Hideout Know Your Enemy Captain Tia Note: when you accept this quest, you will receive 1 Learning Point. It is recommended that you save the 1 Learning Point for this quest
Go to the Outpost and steal the heretic map
Kill Heretics until you reach the Learning Point Threshold of the Trainee Combat Note (note: if you need a heal, use R for Mend Wounds which is an ability on your boots used to heal. Also, unlike the Heretics in the Lighthouse, these mobs will aggro)
Unlock the Trainee Combat Node with Learning Points (this is where you use the 1 Learning Point)
Return to Captain Tia in the Hideout
Hideout You Are What You Wear Captain Tia Go to the Warrior's Forge and see what you can craft there
Go to the Hunter's Lodge and see what you can craft there
Go to the Mage's Tower and see what you can craft there
Return to Captain Tia in the hideout
Hideout The Beginner Becomes a Novice Captain Tia T2 Helmet acquired
T2 Armor acquired
T2 Boots acquired
T2 Two-Handed Weapon or Main and Off-Hand acquired
Equip all your Tier 2 gear (you may need to select your ability when you equip each piece)
Return to Captain Tia in the Hideout
Hideout Distraction Captain Tia Find the Heretic fort in the mountains
Create a distraction by killing Heretics
Create further chaos by setting fire to their ammunition storage
Call the ship by lighting a signal fire
Get to the pier
Go through the gate
Meet up with Tia to leave the island
Mountain Fort To New Shores Captain Tia Talk to the First Mate and pick a destination (this is the Travel Planner to the right of Captain Tia)
Mountain Fort We are the Royals! Herbert Speak with Roay Commander Bertram (once completed, you will receive a 3-day Premium token in your inventory)