Unrestricted pvp zone

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Quick Rundown

Unrestricted PvP Zone, also known as "Conditional PvP Zone" and sometimes referred to as just "conditional". After the player steps inside his HP Bar visible in the middle of the screen will start flickering from yellow to red until it becomes red indicating player status change to forced hostile. Found around Hellgates and Treasure Sites in Royals, as well as Outlands.

Conditional circle.png

You have entered an unrestricted PvP Zone

- shortly after stepping in the conditional circle player is vulnerable to attacks of other players who might already be inside

You have left an unrestricted PvP Zone

- after stepping outside of the conditional zone player name will continue flickering if the player receives any damage, any sort of effect from another player who was also flagged through Unrestricted PvP Zone the flag will continue for as long as the player being hit does not get out of the range of the attacker.