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Category Hierarchy


Currently TBD, but leaning on moving categories from page level to a template that would stamp them for us? May not save anything in long term but having a template follow the structure like Item-->Equipment-->Weapon-->Artifact Weapon/Sword COULD potentially save alot of rework on some pages. The info boxes seem like a possible cantidate for this project to leverage since they are already pretty global and do fit into the category niches I'm looking to put together. Other sure fire things to be done on this project that are already underway:

  • Consolidate similar and plural categories
    • In general the category we keep will be singular and a noun if it makes sense
  • Adding all pages to at least one category, perhaps by template
  • Creating out the hierarchy in the proposal
    • First discussion category level likely to stop at 4 layers deep in hierarchy
  • uniform category names, no underscores, Cased with Spaces ('My Category Name' as opposed to 'My category name' or 'My_category_name')


TDB: once the properties of items is pulled from market categories then we can trim down the categories more on this page as well. Each category can only exist if its parent also exists unless a root category. Multiple categories of the same root level can coexist. When creating pages they are usually part of one tree. Cross overs should consider properties to save on category overload.

Gameplay Mechanics

How things work in the game. Things you "do"

  • Gameplay Mechanic
  • Economy
    • Trading
  • Crafting
  • Refining
  • Farming
  • Cooking (Sous Chef-->Chef)
  • Alchemy (Sous Chef-->Alchemist)
  • Gathering (Gatherer professions)
  • Combat

Item Hierarchy

TBD after analyzing the market categories imported to see what the limits of the category v.s. properties are

  • Item
    • Currency
    • Equipment
      • Tool
      • Weapon
      • Off-hand
      • Armor
      • Accessory
      • Mount
      • Vanity
    • Resource
    • Material (A crafting component)
      • Artifact
      • Token
    • Consumable (Food potions, etc)
    • Luxury Good

Skill Hierarchy

Spells and abilities in game tied to equipment. (properties to tie values of the stuff down. Subject to math/formulas for calculation.

  • Ability
  • Spell

NPC Hierarchy

In game non-player entities of any kind.

  • Quest Contact
  • Laborer
  • Trade hub
  • Crafting Contact
  • Refining Contact
  • Repair Contact
  • Imbue (enchant?) Contact
  • Expedition Contact
  • Mob (explore properties for anything more than two levels
    • Resource Mob
      • Aspect
      • Guradian Mob
    • Mini Boss
    • Boss
    • World Boss

Classification Hierarchy

Mostly for non-tangible info and concepts

  • Guide
  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Solo
  • Co-op a.k.a cooperative gameplay, or group
  • Community
    • Wiki
  • Events
    • Season

Location Hierarchy

TBD based on desired search outcome. Tie to map from continent-->Biome-->cluster. These are heavy for search reasons. Look in

  • Location (place, area, etc.)
    • Openworld
    • Instanced (Expeditions, arena, etc.)
    • Continent (use properties to list biomes/clusters)
    • City (property to tie to biome/continent)
    • Town (property to tie to biome/continent)
    • Island (property to denote player/guild island or separate categories?)